Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get your free Dr. Pepper

You may remember that I called Guns 'n Roses on their bluff earlier this year and made some wild and crazy promises. That offer still stands if your contributions back things up... anyhow, on with the post.

It might actually happen. Only 13 years of waiting until early-90s hair-rockers Guns 'n Roses (actually only Axl Rose) got off their psychotic and indecisive high horse and release Chinese Democracy. That could be a great thing or it could be a terrible thing. Great because they might actually follow through with their promise of releasing an album that they have promised for over a decade. Bad because Axl Rose has fucked with his few remaining fans for so terribly long that they have moved on. Sure, some original fans of the band still exist for whatever reason. It could be due to the fact that they never matured beyond their glory years in high school. Maybe they took five tooo many hits from the bong as they hung out in the garage listening to Warrant and Poison. Or maybe they are simply nostalgic. They yearn for the simpler times.

Well, it's time to grow up. Guns 'n Roses are as meaningful in 2008 as a piecee of roadkill from 1995. They both stink or are six feet under.

Anyhow, music's loss in your gain. Log on to on Sunday, November 23rd and fill out the form which gets you a voucher (4-14 weeks later) for a 20 oz. bottle of Dr. Pepper soda. It's free but you have just that one day to grab your free soda. Snooze. Lose.

Not alot of music on MinnPics but when the music's good, the photos of the acts swinging through Minnesota are even better.


Brian in Mpls said...

The date is now on my calendar

Memarie Lane said...

totally getting my free dr. p AND the album. and don't forget your free taco tomorrow at taco bell. said...

I think more people will be excited about the Dr. Pepper, even at 4-14 weeks, it is at least guaranteed to arrive within the DECADE. Dose Axle still have those creepy cornrows?