Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC recap (the first two days)

Has the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul lived up to the hype?

I think so. With vandalism, protests, marches, concerts and the media's attention focused squarely on St. Paul, MN, the show outside the show is what people are talking about.

Not too many folks seem to be discussing last night's via-satellite speech from Geroge W. Bush seen by scant-few viewers due to its strategic timing outside of the primetime coverage of the major networks. Instead, viewers were treated to droopy-faced, unenergetic Fred Thompson.

Compared to Monday's lack of activity, last night was a damn carnival.

The real action, and the events garnering media attention, are happening outside the Xcel Energy Center.

Just yesterday, as I tooled home from Rochester, I heard news of an impromptu Rage Against the Machine concert taking place within an hour at the Minnesota State Capitol. My only comment was "huh, that's gonna be interesting". Little did I know that it was truly interesting as the authorities shut the show down but went on with only a bullhorn and an ill-advised march turning what had been a hippie-like peacefest into a miniature riot. Rage Against the Machine truly lived up to their legacy as a political protest band.

And then there was the situation outside the convention last night with teargas and flash grenades. Make your own decisions as you watch it unfold...

And lastly, if you read only one account of what is truly happening in St. Paul during the RNC, Aaron Landry's is, by far, the best.


James said...

I love the smell of tear gas in the morning. Smells like...democracy.

Hammer said...

I just read about elderly delegates being attacked by violent mobs on the way into the convention.

I wonder why that's not being shown on the news.

MJ said...

I'm not sure why protesters think vandalizing stuff and spraying people with bleach is a good way to spread the message of peace...

Sornie said...

Plenty of people are stating that the increased and sometimes oppressive police presence is fueling the flames and leading to violence. The protesters who are actually doing the vandalism are negating the message of those who actually have something constructive to say.

As for the harrassment of elderly delegates, I had heard that too from a phoner during a radio talk show but the truth is that protesters are not able to get that close to delegates. The press is picking up the story but it seems to be rather localized to media outlets in Connecticut and to me the story lacks a certain amount of credibility due to the lack of eyewitnesses or others outside of the Connecticut delegation backing up the story. I'm not doubting that it happened but without hard evidence it could easily be fabricated.