Thursday, May 29, 2008

Would you date Muffintop McGee?

I love a response to a dating query that includes the phrase "you have my full permission to dip out before she starts eyeing you up like a fat kid at a rib roast".

It's only right that I would agree. There are just some things in the dating world that a guy or girl will be unable to get past because that all important first impression is what counts. If you bumble that first impression, the chance of that other person getting to know you for who you truly are isn't likely to happen.

Imagine if on that first date you shovel food into your pie hole like you've been trapped in a remote West Virginia cave for a few months with nothing to eat but grubs and moss. There are going to be some people who find the fact that you ate not two but three meals repulsive.

That is why, even though it seems shallow, appearances are of the utmost importance. That is why I don't step out of the house wearing something I'd be ashamed to be seen in. Think about sweatpants, would someone of the opposite sex become weak in the knees at the sight of a potential conquest sporting some dumpy, droopy, grey sweatpants and a matching sweatshirt that looks like it was run over by your lawnmower? Think again.

I am far from elite but I have boundaries in style and impressions that I simply won't cross. What are your boundaries?


MJ said...

I can't handle people who have nasty looking feet, but insist on wearing sandals or flip-flops.

Get a pedicure. Or at the very least, cut your freakin' toe nails.

Bee said...

I never go out without showering first. Nobody needs to aware of my funk. ;op

cathouse teri said...

I always look my best. Even if I'm not leaving the house.

Ginormous Boobs said...

Guys in tight ribbed shirts...I do not heart douche bags.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Guys with hairspray and "oh no I don't wear make up" makeup. And men with over tweezed eyebrows. Gross.

I'm married so don't have to worry about this anymore (thank god) but when I see guys like that, I just can't help wonder WTF?


spleeness said...

Guys tweeze their eyebrows? I've never seen that. I must not get out too often.

My big peeve is when people stop over uninvited. I might be sleeping (maybe even in dumpy grey sweats, unshowered), sobbing over a novel or working on a tight deadline. I love company, just call first. I also hate talking on the phone too long. I'm not fond of being sucked dry.

Whiskeymarie said...

My dating peeve (back when I did such things) was always the self-loathers who spent the whole date wondering WHY OH WHY would anyone be interested in them?
By the end of the date I was usually, "game, set, match to you dude. You're right. You win."
Also? Guys that couldn't look me in the eye, guys with tight jeans, and bad (meaning not well-taken care of, I can deal with not-so-straight) teeth.