Monday, April 21, 2008

Will KSTP's PM chatfest fly?

Later today, the only locally-owned Twin Cities TV station (KSTP channel 5) launches their new 3 PM locally produced/hosted program. From the promos I've seen, it seems to be a transplant of the long-gone local morning shows which focused on the light-hearted events and shied away from actual murder/arson news cleverly titled "Twin Cities Live".

Being a graphically focused type, the show seems to have a decent graphics package going for it and thankfully broke free from the overused KSTP 5 Eyewitness News graphics package. They also seem to have done a decent job of having a feminine-leaning touch to the overall design without going too far and alienating people with penises all together.
I do have to wonder what sort of audience they realistically hope to attract with what is essentially a morning show program airing at 3 PM. What percentage of women who would benefit from a program with light celebrity interviews and cooking segments are actually near a TV at 3 PM? I know about this thing called TIVO but a program like this, airing daily, seems like it would be rather timely in nature. Realistically speaking, it all boils down to the almighty dollar. As a plus, KSTP gets to sell local ad time for an additional hour. As a minus, they added the salary of two additional dedicated hosts as well as possibly additional support staff. As a positive, they save having to shell out money for syndicated content to fill an hour. As a minus, they risk losing the brand recognition of syndicated programming. As a positive, KSTP ups the ante in being more local than the other guys and adding staff originally from Minnesota (both hosts hail from Minnesota).

I don't really care about a show airing at 3 PM; especially when I'm about as far from the target demographic as possible. I am curious if other metropolitan areas have something akin to this airing essentially at the middle of the day. Does it work? Do people watch it? What sort of longetivity does a show such as this have before it burns out?

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