Friday, April 18, 2008

Questions answered, points to be won

I can't always answer everything that pops up in the comments so what better day than Friday (and the following weekend when absolutely nobody reads this) to answer those random questions.

Spleeness asked:

So what happened with the semi?
The short version is that the semi stopped. After I laid on my horn and yelled a string of profanities. Then I realized that my driver's side window was down. I backed up slightly, inched my car uncomfortably close to the truck next to me and the semi attempted to back up. After a few minutes, the cars crowding behind me in the trun lane backed up also and within five minutes, the semi was free to make his poorly planned turn.

No asked:

HOLD UP--- I couldn't read the past the Paul Douglas getting fired...details please..You are my main source of Twin Cities tell.

Douglas fell victim to across the nation cuts at CBS owned stations. They offered to keep him on until the end of May (the ratings period) but he apparently declined. Star Tribune gossip hack even tried to get in on the action by claiming that she broke the story and argued it out publicly with Minnesota Monitor's Paul Schmelzer. It all boils down, apparently, to the validity of the time stamps but I broke it on MNSpeak the day is was publicly announced.

MichelleAnn asked:

Sornie...are you expecting??

My belly would make a person assume that I am but unless I accidentally drank some of that polluted tap water full up with the prescription meds we flush down the toilet, I am not able to conceive.

and finally...

No asked:

Did anyone notice the pregnancy thing?

Yes indeed, plenty have noticed "the pregnancy thing" and it's as real as tomorrow being Saturday. The expected due date is the ultra-specific "mid-November". Leah's guess of November 12 from way back may have be dead on. Of course if pregnancies are as reliable as the departure times of American Airlines flights, December may be a real possibility.

And on that note, I think it's time to award some more points. Place your guesses of my wife's actual date of delivery. The winner, obviously announced after the delivery, will receive 5,000 points. That point amount is the most I've awarded in a single contest ever. Make your guesses now!


Bill Roehl said...

Oh, I'm an idiot. I should have posted this here:

Being that my father was referenced in this post, I will guess on the "mid-November" date as his birthday of 11/17.

Good luck!

Feel free to make me look like less of an idiot by deleting the other post :)

CDP said...

November 18. (and congratulations)

Worker Mommy said...

I guess Nov 13...simply because it's my mama's birthday and she's an awesome lady and well because I wanted to.

Congrats to you and the Mrs.

Beth said...

YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! Congrats!!

I'm guessing Nov. 17 just don't give me the baby if I win.....

Beth said...

My guess is November 21 - although for your wife's sake I should probably go for a due date close to or a week before the "expected" date.

No said...

November 15......Congratulations...woo, hoo!!!!!!! I knew it..

Thanks for answering all my questions...I am a question addict, after all.

H said...

Congratulations on impending daddyhood! The baby will be here November 16th.

Gjelly said...

Are we guessing the due date, or the date the baby actually comes out? I'm confused...

If it's the date the baby actually comes out, I'm guessing November 3. Your wife will LOVE me for that. :-)

Jeff said...

I'll guess the 19th, because *no* took my guess the the 15th. But if it IS the 15th, then you'll know that's what I meant. Know what I mean?

spleeness said...

Oh good, I was worried about the near-semi accident since you posted it. Wow, that sounds uncomfortably close!

I'm laughing about you screaming and then realizing your window is up. Maybe in cars of the future, when you yell the right string of profanities, they will be voice-programmed to activate the window down switch.