Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Insert catchy title here

Apart from almost being run over by a semi after work, my day has gone just fine. The sun came out. I grilled hamburgers for supper. I finally got that dead hooker out of my trunk. I paid some bills. I watched a 15 year old episode of the Drew Carey Show. All told, a rather productive but uneventful late afternoon/evening.


spleeness said...

dammit, you just reminded me about the dead hooker in *my* trunk. Blast. Better get to it before it warms up tomorrow.

So what happened with the semi?

H said...

I was almost taken out by a bad middle aged-to-elderly driver in a white minivan. Must have just been that kind of day.

Jealous that you grilled - savor that feeling, unless you want to dig your grill out from six to ten inches of snow in the next couple days. Ugh.

Bill Roehl said...

I would have titled the post "Cleveland Rocks!" because well, having a dead hooker in your trunk seems so normal there ;)

Thanks for the smile tonight Sornie!

cathouse teri said...

I'm hoping that you did it all in that order. I'd hate to find out that you could be so callous as to remove the dead hooker out of your trunk and THEN have an appetite to eat dinner!

Sornie said...

Actually Teri, I like to get my chores done before dinner but I did wash my hands up real nice.