Friday, April 04, 2008

Good vs. bad

No, this isn't about some epic fight between God and Satan. This is about music because it's Friday dammit. And being I'm thinking tody about good vs. bad, I thought I'd bring up a song I was recently turned on to. It's by a St. Louis, Missouri band named Ludo. The only song I've heard is entitled "Love Me Dead". It has catchy lyrics and a great melody. I'd almost call the whole damn thing infectious.

Then my world was turned upside down. What happened, you ask?

I saw the video.

Yes, sometimes things just don't translate well to a visual medium. I don't know what to make of it. Was it done as a joke? Was the video meant to be cheesy as all hell? Is this just another case of the art of the music video becoming a thing of the past? Draw your own conclusions and let me know what songs you loved until you saw the music video. Was the band visually unappealing? Was it just a crappy video?


Brendan said...

As I've been saying since the launch of MTV, video is the worst thing ever to happen to rock music. Except for real live concert footage, I can't think of any music video I've ever liked. So, in answer to your question about what videos disappointed me, I'd have to say, "All of them."

To the Ludo video you show, I'll offer this reaction: If I stretch a bit, I could explain the video's concept of the in the sense that their sound reminds me a little bit of Queen and the Tubes -- purposefully over the top and theatrical.

This is mostly an intellectual point; emotionally, I didn't care for it either.

'Scuse me. Gotta go chase some kids off my lawn.

Brendan said...

One additional comment on your site redesign: I notice that your posts are not time-stamped. There is a date, but that's it. If that's what you wanted, fine. But sometimes it's interesting to note whether a post was put up at a dark hour or in the light of day. Adds context, sometimes.

Sornie said...

I hadn't picked up on the similarity to anything by Queen but I'll have to listen closer on the iPod on my commute home tonight.

As for the time, I had inadvertently removed the time stamp a month back from the old design when I was testing some of the design. I like it because it leaves folks guessing. Plus blogger has a beta feature that allows you to time release posts so if people use that it will start to make the time posts less relevant to some degree.

Michelle Ann said...

Maybe I like the cheese stand alone...but I miss the whole music video form. Especially since MTV seems hellbent on turning its back on music. And maybe something is wrong with me...since the song is good, I actually found myself enjoying the video....or its just Friday and I will watch anything to avoid working. :)

buffalodickdy said...

Video killed the radio stars... Not really! I think good videos help weak songs, but bad video doesn't help good songs.. That was bad video!

Brendan said...


Good point about the new Blogger in Beta feature of delayed posting. Of course, one has long been able to change the timestamp on posts, so your larger point about this datum being less than trustworthy also pertains.


I agree with you that good video helps weak songs. That is my principle reason for disliking music videos -- it privileges the look over the music. I remember with considerable angst back when MTV was first big, and I'd say, "That song sucks," and the frequent response would be, "Yeah, but it's a cool video."

Now, it's fine with me if someone else derives pleasure from the overall multimedia experience. But to me, elevating a song because the associated video appeals is like saying, "but at least Hitler liked dogs."


But seriously: I've always wondered how many more worthy musicians were condemned to obscurity because the record companies chose to focus their marketing on someone with a higher eye candy rating.