Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The BEST of the Best of the Twin Cities

It happens every year and each year it seems to have less impact; this year being no exception. City Pages, after essentially cleaning house and installing a staff of yes-men and corporate shills, published its 2008 Best of the Twin Cities issue and amazingly they got some things right (even if the readers missed the mark entirely). And by my estimations, City Pages missed the boat on publishing this beast online by about 4 hours and still managed to have a TON of missing images but onward with my best-of the best of.

Here are some staff picks I agree with in my very own 2008 Best of the Best of the Twin Cities...
Best AM Radio Personality - Dan Cole

Best Radio Station - The Current 89.3 FM

Best Non-TV Weatherperson - Jimmy "Dutch" Gaines

Best Local Website - MNSpeak

and for the sake of humor and irony...

Best Place to Get Arrested For Soliciting Sex in Public - Crosby Farm Regional Park

That last one was a mouthful (or so said the 80 year old guy arrested there).


Michelle Ann said...

Tell me you were on the list...tell me!!!

Gjelly said...

I love The Current!

Sornie said...

Sorry Michelle, I forgot to urge folks to vote for me in certain categories because, well, I am just a bump on the road that is the intertubes.