Thursday, April 24, 2008

An April commentary, video style

Get this, I've jumped feet first into this thing called video. I am not a fan of hearing my voice in recorded form but this is a landmark because I have officially found a use for my old Nikon digital camera which I thought was destined for the vast old electronics drawer for all of eternity.

After reading the manual, I found that it does record rather grainy, small video clips. The first one ever produced by yours truly is a commentary about the weather starring my olive green space heater.



Beth said...

Hey, look at it this least yo ahve a heater to keep your ass warm!!!!

You have a very nice voice.

Hammer said...


I don't like the way my voice sounds on recording so the videos are out for me :)

Michelle Ann said...

Our weather has been doing the same thing...I have been unable to plan anything that involves the outside for weeks now...totally sucks!

Love the heater...I could almost feel the warmth.

Bee said...

Um... were you typing at the same time?

I live in Chi-townland and we're supposed to get snow Monday. Wait, let me retype that to convey how I really feel.


Okay, I feel better.

Sornie said...

I noticed the clickety clack as well, I think it's the constant auto focus chatter of the camera though. One thing you'll never see on a video I do is my own face. Some things people just don't need to see.

Beth said...

Hey, that was great. And you have an interesting accent. (You'd probably think I have one too if you heard me speak but a lot of us Canadians think we don't.)

Sornie said...

Beth, please tell me it's just a midwestern accent and not some damn fake-sounding Lutheran-Minnesoootan accent straight outta the movie "Fargo".

buffalodickdy said...

Grand Rapids Mi snow Tues.... Your voice sounds a little bit like my own, when recorded... it weirded me out a little!