Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's the deal with cheese?

Have you noticed recently how damn much cheese costs in our fancy-dancy grocery stores? Cheese used to be a sort of staple in the diets of many Americans. It makes sense being that those go-getter dairy cattle (mainly the holsteins) produce literally gobs of milk. I've seen 'em up close in my lifetime and it's amazing that an animal that with one not-so-directed kick can both knock your teeth out and provide you with upwards of 10-20 gallons of milk on a daily basis.

To me, that's one hell of a multi-tasker in the world of domesticated animals.

The cheese prices, though, have me flabbergasted.

Not too long ago I was running through the local Cub Foods store (which disgusted me but that's another story for another day) and needed a block of cheese. Not a want, it was a need. I arrived at a block of medium cheddar and began to notice how outrageous the prices were. Damn! The little 8 oz. blocks which used to be about $1.79 were suddenly approaching $3.00. I almost had a cheese seizure.

Come on. I know that gas prices have more than tripled in by 14 years (has it really been that long) of driving but the cheese price jump equates to a jump of over $2.00/lb in a few short months. I don't think we have a sudden shortage of holstein cows. To the contrary actually. I think that the cows are too numerous and could easily overtake us if they weren't so damn laid back chowing on grass all day long.

Yes, it would be a future where we were forced to serve our holstein overlords and they drank our milk at a leisurely pace. Think of the oddities in this alternate future. Human cheese. Cows eating male humans. Mandatory castration of males by our bovine rulers. The tables would be horrifically turned. I think we need to keep a watchful eye on cattle everywhere. They are shifty bastards who may or may not be witholding milk production in a sick and twisted plan to bankrupt us with escalated dairy prices.

Am I way off base here or am I eerily close to the truth?


Countess B said...

I have a friend that owns a milk hauling company. The sad part is, those extra costs aren't getting passed on to the farmers. It's because the haulers have to charge more because of the cost of fuel.

It's an ugly cycle.

Maybe some of the farmers should organize the cows into a strike.....

That'll drop the fuel prices...

Pharm tech guy said...

Well it is very crappy that everything is going up inflation is a real b*#ch. everything is going up except wages. One problem that is making everything go up is we are now making more ethanol than ever, which is demanding more corn, which is raising the price of everything, because there is not as much corn to go around. it is a very viscious circle indeed. I am all for relying on oil, we need renewable sources and ones that do not pollute. But at what cost we are causing American dreams to be unrealized. People are losing there houses left and right. Of course if you didn't read your mortgage when it said adjustable rate mortgage. I have a hard time feeling sorry for you. You should have done your research on how much you could afford. And now I just read some woman "Treffly Coyne" left her kid in a locked car for around 4 minutes while her other daughter and her friend put money into a Salvation Army bucket, what kind of system do we live in. When a mother gets thrown in jail for teaching her kids to be community involved, and Alan Spitzer a mayor of all people gets busted in a high price sex ring and will probably face nothing other than resignation of his post. Sorry about all of the ramblings hopefully it is coherent enough to follow.

Bill Roehl said...

Milk is expensive as hell too :( You can get some close to expiration deals at gas stations or Rainbow/Cub at 2 for $6+ but single gallons of some low-end brands are over $4 and if you're into organic milk it's closing in on $7/gal :(

Two weeks ago at Cub it was 3lbs for $10 for shredded cheese. This week it's 2lbs for $8 :(

cathouse teri said...

I love cheese. At any price.

And as far as gas prices go, I'd pay a full twenty cents more a gallon (remember, I'm used to California gas prices, too) if they'd put it in the car for me! Especially when living somewhere like Utah in winter!

And if stores would deliver the cheese to me... oh I'd pay a lot for that service! Especially if it comes with wine!

Sornie said...

I can confirm, though, that Cub Foods "low price" claim is a flat out lie. The regular prices at Super Target & Sper Wal-Mart are always cheaper and as far as cheese goes, store brands are fine with me.

Hammer said...

My normal block of Cheddar had gone from 5 buck to almost 8 in a few short months.

The normal pack of sandwich slices is 5 bucks a pack.

I'm going to start rationing.

Brooke said...

More with the dairy! What do these cows want from us???

Tanya Kristine said...

Mmmm..cheese...i love cheese i just HATE the way they treat dairy cows. : (

Crazy Lady said...

I have 3 kids and a husband who could live on cheese alone. I think you may have something here.

justacoolcat said...

How about me? Could you milk me Holstein?

We eat a lot of cheese at the Case de Cat so I try and buy the finer cheeses when they go on sale.

Yeah, I like my cheddar aged.

snowelf said...

"I almost had a cheese seizure."

Too Funny, Sornie!

My brother actually works in a cheese factory, but it's just like the freakin' milk. It went from 1.69 to almost four dollars over here where I live in the last four years. Ridiculous! I was watching the news one night and they were talking about inflation and they were like "Inflation is under control, except for food and gas."

Hmm...everything but the basic staples to feed us and get us to work? That's really reassuring! Go Government!