Thursday, March 13, 2008

They said there would be rain

It was supposed to rain yesterday. To me, that first rain of the year marks the official arrival of spring. Oh, sure, the calendar says that spring is about a week away but our black farm fields and mostly barren lawns beg to differ.

Now normally, I am not one to get excited about rain. It's not nearly as fun as snow. No kids run outside in the raid and make mud angels or build gigantic mud men but here in Minnesota, the snow is a refreshing change of pace.

It seems that this year we were burdened with nothing more than two solid months of cold weather which deprived us of any additional snow. In fact, the weather nerds say that the greater Twin Cities area received about half of the normal amount of snow. That doesn't mean alot for cityslickers but it could spell ruin for farmers if they face a dry spring.

The rain, though, would have been welcome for other reasons. For one, it would begin to wash away the salt and sand that covers every paved surface in Minnesota. Rain would also aid in removing the solid sheet of ice that seems out to get me every time I stroll on to my driveway.

The ice wants to kill me. The roads want my shabby car to be filthy forever. Am I alone? Is it time for winter to give it up and head on down the road?


Gjelly said...

Are you crazy?!? I live down near Rochester and we've gotten 50 billion inches of snow this year! Every time I turn around it's snowing again. It was the shittiest. winter. ever. Ten times worse than last winter- which was my first after 4 years in California.

But, I suppose the weather in the cities is always different than southern Minnesota. I'm jealous of your dry winter. But don't worry about the farmers of SE Minn....they won't have a dry spring. :-)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'd like to laugh, but I remember the midwest winters all too well. By March, I was growling at my coffee cup.:) We have been suffering what seems to be a permanent drought down here. I sympathize.