Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sex + music = video gold (yes, it's safe for work)

Of all things in the world, music has been viewed as sexual for only a relatively short time because for the longest time it was just words set to music. It wasn't until the late 1970s that the artists were experimenting with setting their words and music to visual imagery. Of course before that time of the newly invented "music video", the mass consumption of music in its visual format wasn't available because it only existed in concert form and on the rare television appearances. Some of the earliest controversial visual artists were Elvis Presley whose earliest performance on The Ed Sullivan Show was shown only above the waist. Ed Sullivan would burn his theater to the ground if presented with today's "talent" pool.

Yeah, but it was pretty damn shocking that a rock and/or roll artist was -- GASP -- swiveling his hips.

Hell, that would be the tamest visual aspect int he last 30 years by today's standards.

I have to wonder, though, if some modern artists are writing their songs with the intention of setting them to a video format or that their lyrics are simply overtly sexual by nature.

The best example of sexual imagery paired with pre-existing sexual lyrics in Poe with her late 90s single "Hey Pretty".

It's especially creepy because the poet reciting his words is none other than her brother. That could make for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

"Hey Pretty" isn't the only song whose imagery is definitely meant to be sexual in nature.

The second example is a one-off by the relatively unknown band King Missile. The lyrics are meant to be nothing more than funny and thought provoking because, honestly, how ridiculous is the thought of a detachable penis?

See, sexual lyrics can be funny too!

What are your favorite tunes that are overtly sexual? What was the accompanying video like?

(Thus brings to a close A Day in the Life's first-ever sex week and second accidental theme week. I am deeply sorry... or not.)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's been proven beyond rebuke that sex sells, in any medium.

So does poorly music to pander to sleazy attempts at impersonating the real thing.

But the souls that actually BUY that "music" - they should be ordered out of the gene pool immediatly!!!

H said...

Any Salt 'n' Pepa songs. I was too young to really understand "Let's Talk About Sex" when it first came out, but at some point I heard it and it was a really fun song, and it was only much later that I went, "OH!" Duh.

Beth said...

Yeah, couldn't help but notice your theme this week. It's been interesting,(educational?),amusing...

And it's got me wondering what's been going on in your life lately.

Sornie said...

Oh Beth, your last sentence was enough to make me blush. Kudos.

As for the Salt 'n' Pepa song, I remember it too. It seems like it was early 90s (like 1990 maybe?) and I just remember my mom being disgusted by the lyrics and I didn't entirely understand why. Hell, I still don't.

As for some of the music I think that you are referring to Future, I have never bought a King Missile CD, I borrowed it from a friend...

Michelle Ann said...

OMG!!!! I adore Poe. I actually got to see them in concert when they opened for Depeche Mode. We were so lucky because he brother was actually there and did his literary narration during the was so awesome!!!

Honey Bunny said...

Poe is one of my very favorites. I almost forgot how much I love this song. The Haunted album is my favorite. I should find that and put it on my Zen.

Slick said...

Daaang, that first example?

Brother or not, I'd still do her!

No said...

My mother has still banned the Prince song, "Darling Nikki" from getting into the house...anyone remember that song?

Countess B said...

I don't think you should aplogize at all. However I feel a little ashamed that I've never hear of either of those two groups/videos that you posted....I'm very sheltered, I guess.

I too, remember Darling Nikki. Gotta love that one..

But the one that reaches me from my childhood is "Me so horny" When I was a child, I was forbidden from listening to it, so (believe it or not), I never did. However just a few years ago I finally listened to the entire song, my jaw slammed to the table. No wonder my mom wouldn't let me listen to it!!

I mean, look how corrupt I've been able to make myself, without the help of provative music and videos at an early age.

Can you imagine if???