Friday, March 21, 2008

Seize the moment

Have you ever heard of the Harding Test? Well with my total lack of research it seems to be some sort of test to determine whether or not visual elements cause seizures. The only thing I can think of that does that are those Japanimation cartoons from the 90s. Well, that was until the past week or so.

It took the evil geniuses (Cee Lo Green & Danger Mouse) behind Gnarls Barkley to create a video whose imagery was turned down by MTV to squeeze into their 90 minutes of videos played weekly due to the video for "Run" failing The Harding Test.

I watched it all the way through and I wasn't flopping on the floor like a fish so I tend to think the test is a load of crap but who am I to judge? Watch for yourself and test your luck!

It's at about 2:20 into the video that you may experience seizures. View at your own risk but enjoy!

I know this music video can't be alone in its risk of causing seizures. What other music video or even movie sequences would think would fall into the illness inducing category?

And if you thought 2007 was a thing of the past, you are sorely mistaken. A blogger with too much time has mixed up the top 25 songs (according to Billboard magazine) of '07. If nothing else this proves that the pop music is sorely lacking in variety as it sounds like nothing more than 5 minutes of hip hop beats.
Edit: Fixed missing video.


H said...

Evidently it does cause seizures - YouTube says this video is no longer available!

cathouse teri said...

I can't be watchin that shit while I'm at work! Who knows what would happen! :)

VE said...

Darn...I was hoping to seizure the day. Now what will I do with my carpe diem?

Sornie said...

The video's back for those who care. Let the video-induced seizures commence.

cathouse teri said...

Everyone close your eyes while I seize VE's carpe diem.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

While I suffer from a type of seizures, I'm certainly not an expert on the matter. I do know however (from warnings from my Neurologist), that certain light shows, even patterns, will set off my seizures. Seizures come in a million flavors so to speak, and the "trigger" for each is different.

I hasten to add my seizures are under control, using a medication called Dilantan. The medication for seizures varies as widely as the type of seizure itself. While people prone to visual stimulation isn't a large group, they do exist as I can attest, and for us, certain visual stimulations mean bad news.

P.S. I didn't watch your video's to see if they were one of them.:)