Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The month of March is on notice

Tomorrow is March 27 and in Minnesota that can mean one of two things. It will either approach 60 degrees with a light breeze and crisp, blue skies or it will be 30 degrees with gobs of thick, wet, heavy snow piling up.

Of course due to the fact that we only had about six snowy weeks this winter, it will be the latter. Our existing snow in the Twin Cities are has already melted three times including the piles from last week's sloppy dumping but I think this is nature's way of getting eve. Sure, we had the coldest winter in a whopping seven years (that's right, shut your mouths about global warming being a crock because the coldest in seven years is like seeing the world's tallest midget -- nothing too special) but we had only about half of the normal snowfall.

I don't know about others in Minnesota or elsewhere but I am ready for this crap to end. I want my arms to breathe. I want to fling open some windows. I yearn to see buds on our barren trees. I want to be able to vacuum my car without dragging in yet more sand and sludge. I want to bitch about our hot and humid summers and wish it was cooler. I am ready for spring and the fact that I'm ordering my garden stuff this weekend only reaffirms that.


Michelle Ann said...

I am soooo with you on this. We have had nothing but rain and wind for the last three months.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

When I lived in Michigan, I used to go out to the garage this time of year, start my rototiller, and just listen to it run for a few minutes.

Cabin fever does some strange things to us all.:)

cathouse teri said...

I am sure I have no idea why everyone doesn't just live in Southern California!

Balou said...

Hey! There's hope Sornie! I saw something green today. While walking down the muddy driveway in my rubber boots towards the mailbox, on the ground by the lilac bushes, there were little green things. What are they called again...oh yeah...leaves! It won't be long and the wood anemones will be blooming. It's coming!

Sornie said...

Well i can say that I officially made March my bitch today. It's all short sleeves from here on. My arms are finally free from their cotton prisons!

snowelf said...

THANK YOU for making March your bitch, Sornie. We were supposed to get another snowstorm, and we didn't.

I'm giving you all the credit.

You rock!