Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jay-Z: all about the Euro

Who knew that Jay-Z was a financial prognosticator? Who knew that folks at a suburban Minneapolis weekly newspaper would pick up on that fact before the national media took notice.

I guess if you interpret a Jay-Z video to have a deeper significance than most of his own fans would then you'd notice the flashing of the now far more valuable Euro than our very own depressed and devalued greenback.

Hell, I wish that my paycheck was in Euros so I could afford some of the generic cheese that's at $4.00/lb. or drop some Euro coinage on the gas that today hopped on up to $3.12/gallon in my very own south of the river stomping grounds.

Damn you Jay-Z. If only our very own less-than-attentive president. I think I'm smelling a cabinet position for Hova after the November elections.


Hammer said...

True dat.

Now they will have to change all the rap songs from Benjamins to Euros

The Future Was Yesterday said...

My wife's birthday was two days ago. When I went to buy her card....$5.35 for an every day card! The devalued dollar affects more than people realize. Those cards aren't made in America.