Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm free

Remember last week as I put the month of March on notice. I was fed up with the most namby-pamby month of all. It can't decide if it wants to be 50 degrees and sunny or 27 degrees and snowy. Well, last Thursday I decided I was done. Spring was officially here and Saturday I made it doubly official by stuffing the long sleeved winter wardrobe in the back closet of the house. That little development means that since Thursday my arms have been free to feel fresh air once again. It means that even though today is forcast to be 35 degrees with 8 inches of snow that my arms, no matter how cold they get, will be free to experience the weather (under cover of my medium-weight jacket) in all its glory.

It also meant that I pulled the smoker out this weekend and cooked up two chickens that were damn tasty. It means that last nevening I made some delicious hamburgers whilst cooking with old school charcoal. Sure, the general look of the landscape is dirty and dingy but to me it's spring. Yes, Spring in good old Minnesota means wildly fluctuating temperatures and the possibility of snow in the oh-so-descriptive "Heavy Snow Warning". And yes, I took down the rest of the Christmas lights yesterday as well and I'm not the last one in the neighborhood to do that so I'm not "that guy".

My unencumbered arms will see y'all later.


Beth said...

I'm optimistic about spring too but not optimistic enough to wear short sleeves. And if I put away the winter stuff, that inevitably brings more snow. I'm holding off.

buffalodickdy said...

I never take down outside lights, until snow quits... And mine are still up...