Thursday, February 28, 2008

There will be photos (of Hawaii)

As promised, photos of our Hawaiian journey.
The price per night was well worth it at the Sheraton Keahou Bay in southern Kailua-Kona. A very open hotel with the somewhat inside pool as well as another outside where a couple nights were spent meeting chatty folks from around the country.
A photo (a tad grainy though) of the nighttime waves crashing against the lava rock shore at our hotel.
The best lunch I had the entire stay was at the Kona Brewing Company. Even the potato chips were superb.
Yes, there is snow in Hawaii. This was taken just outside Waimea looking south towards Mauna Loa where telescopes dot the mountaintop.
Umauma falls near the east coast city of Hilo. In this park we also hiked through a rain forest trail and took the rental car places I'm sure it shouldn't have been but we did keep it on the poorly paved "roads".
The grape vines at the Volcano Winery on Hawaii's south shore. At 4,000 ft. elevation it is supposedly ideal for raising grapes and our bottles of wine bought here arrived home in one piece despite being in our checked luggage.
The steam vents at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

A beautiful sunset on our final full day in Hawaii. If only we had a couple more days.
The pig at our Friday luau being removed from the earthen oven known as an Imu. I can only assume that this also translates to kick-ass way to roast a pig.

The sunset at our luau on the grounds of the Royal Kona Resort.
The performance at the luau was intense and included an amazing fire knife dancing demonstration. This isn't that photo.
The wall on our hotel room's lanai came complete with a gecko on this particular morning. No, he didn't try to sell us any insurance.
Of course here were tremendous waves crashing on the rocky shore.
This used to be a road. Now it's a road buried under a somewhat recent lava flow.
And our final day ended with us spotting sea turtles on a tucked away beach a few miles south of the Kona airport.

Come back tomorrow when I chronicle the flight. It's sure to be at least mildly entertaining.


Brendan said...

Great pictures, Sornie. Looks like you had a blast.

justacoolcat said...

Awesome. I love Hawaii. If I would have had any marketable skills back when I visited I don't think I would have came home.

Jeff said...

Jealous here!

One of these days... one of these days.

H said...

Ah, GORGEOUS! I am so envious. Also, that is one big ass turtle!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The old rock still has it's beautiful sunsets. That's one thing we can't screw up by building a hotel on it.

And the hell with my 250 points - I want that lunch! Does that ever look Guuuuud!! I hope you got a chance to eat a slice of that pig after it was roasted. The first roast I went to, the process blew me away too, but God, was it good!

snowelf said...

Sornie--these pics rock!! I will have to add Hawaii to the list of places I need to visit.
However, maybe I should think it over after that crazy airport story... geez!!
At least you got Grasshopper Cookies. :D


Whiskeymarie said...

I've never been to lovely Hawaii, so I'm very jealous of your vacation.

The pictures are great- love the sandwich & the turtle. I wonder what they do with "traffic" when the road is put out of commission like that.