Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sometimes a Minnesota weekend needs a simple explanation and what's simpler than a pie chart that looks like it was drawn by a five year-old with a bad case of Parkinson's? Yes, my weekend was about simple things, simple pleasures even and even though I'm about 36 hours late in posting this in a timely fashion, I have my reasons. And yes, I am well aware that the numbers add up to a bit more than an even 100% but that's how busy my weekend was. Of course I could have scaled back the amount of time I spent laying on the couch but it's rather proportionate to the amount of time spent in an alcoholic haze.

Anyway, what did everyone else's weekend consist of? And being that it's Super Tuesday, will you be voting in a primary or caucusing should you be in a location offering such today?


Beth said...

I love both your art work and and math skills - they remind me of mine!

Jay said...

That is the greatest pie chart ever. Although it reminds me of a popular saying - never chug and chart.

H said...

18% driving through a snowstorm
3% watching drunk people
65% spending time with my boyfriend's family
2% opening belated Christmas presents
22% driving in regular weather

I will not be caucusing today, for the primary reason that I am unclear of the rules for registering to vote. I still have an out-of-state driver's license and am not sure whether I need to have a Minnesota license or whether I just need proof of my current address, so instead I'm staying home tonight with my friends, a pizza and a box of Peter Franzia. That's right...I now prefer boxed wine to caucusing.

Sornie said...

Sadly enough Jay, I was sober when I created the pie chart but I spend too much time making my professional work look polished that I had to try the rough approach here.

As for the boxed wine H, just steer clear of a second box. It's always that second one that leads to a third and that leads to Funyuns.

Pharmacy tech guy. said...

Hey you left off the puking part of the pie?

Culture Bully said...

I think the chart needs a bit of shady ground...are being immersed in an alcoholic haze and watching the super bowl mutually exclusive?