Friday, February 15, 2008

Sometimes it's just automatic

Music is not just my hot hot sex, it is my inspiration when I need that extra push. Late one night this week as I put off my laundry duties, I threw together a playlist on my iPod that would inspire me as I make the big push with work, associated projects that have to get done and still hold together things at home without losing my damn mind.

I automatically went to the "L"s in my iTunes and grabbed my highest-rated Less Than Jake tracks. The backstory here is that this band was brought to my attention in my high school days and as I grew up so did the music put out by the Gainesville-based group.

They began with a rather do-it-yourself attitude. Their first videos were ntohing more than concert footage spliced together with the song itself overdubbed. I can relate to this attitude. Money is tight and not alot of folks are sure what you're made of so you have to prove yourself.

Then there was a bit of quasi-mainstream success. After the turn of the century the band got a break with the early debut of FOX's "The O.C." and the interesting feature of using a commercial break to showcase a music video. This next one is that very video.

See? The beginnings of adult lyrics and a more polished presentation. It took only a handful of years and, like myself, they were tackling more adult subject matter but without getting bogged down in a too-serious frame of mind. From teen angst to early adulthood... maturity. A very grown up video from one of my all-time favorite bands. The lyrics ring true and the very much adult words being mouthed by the child actors in the video is almost haunting. Seeing the children in the video dealing with very adult situations and then the almost instant transformation to adult actors brings it all into perspective. From the quotes, both at the beginning and end of the video, to the overall dark mood portrayed by the settings for the various scenes, this video is the epitome of a musician's dream of making it from the do-it-yourself days to growing up and accepting the challenges that come with it. In a way, my growth has mirrored that of this band.

That describes where I am at musically this week but what about you? What are you listening to or what band can you think of that has mirrored in your own footsteps through life?

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