Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paul Douglas, you are no friend of mine

It seemed to me, for the longest time, that dear WCCO meteorologist Paul Douglas (is that a toupee maybe?) was a man of great intelligence. He was surely (and still is) a man with a great deal of computing might within his control. Hell, the guy sees weather days before it happens. Maybe he's some sort of sorcerer but that pontification is for another day.

You see, many evenings I feel the need for not just one but two sources of news in the 10 PM hour. Well, not two sources at the same time but two varied sources. When I feel the hard-hitting news of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show is too much to handle I'll often times flip waaaay down the dial to 'CCO. But back to Douglas.

It seems that, due to his witty on-air banter with Don and Amelia, Paul Douglas is an easy-going fella. A fella that I could sit with and debate the merits of cirrus and cumulus clouds with over a couple slices of Key Lime pie. A fella that, with the company of the venerable Don Shelby, would make for quite the heated exchange centered around neck ties with the two newsmen taking the stance that the tie makes the man while I argue that the tie is devised by the man to hold the white man down.

Whatever the scenario would/could be, I feel that any chance we had of a lasting friendship is gone. It seems that your most recent weather inaccuracy has caused a rift in our potential B.F.F. relationship. Not to mention your forecast for the Wednesday night snowfall. I'll believe that if I have to shovel it.

You said there would be snow Monday. You said it would last into and throughout the evening. I saw no snow. I don't look fondly upon people who give false information. Others tend to call those people liars but I call them meteorologists. It seems to be a trend as of late. Your accuracy percentage is lower than the batting average of Alex Rodriguez. Maybe it's time to ship the old weather supercomputers off to a better place and fill the seven minute-long weather forecast slot with an encore of the Good Question.

I even have an idea for a Good Question to fill your former segment: Why can't Paul Douglas forecast the winter weather with even the slightest hint of accuracy?

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snowelf said...

OMG, Sornie!! SOOOO true!!

However, I think Channel 4 does have the most creative commercials, unless I'm wrong...don't they have the one with all the wigs?