Thursday, February 07, 2008

Let's go fishing

Some of the best music I have ever heard in my life was brought to my attention buy one of my best friends. The shear volume of music she listened to and the wide variety of that music just meant to me that there would eventually be something in her vast collection that perked my ears up.

From those years, I found my true musical self and while that's an evolving and ever-changing thing the core or my musical values system still lies in my intense love of punk rock, some ska-tinged bands and the bulk of the alternative genre as a whole.

Hell, the first concert another dear friend of mine saw was Reel Big Fish and to this day he still says it was the best concert he saw in his entire life. And with Reel Big Fish's perfect teenage anthem 'Sellout', how can you not love the guys?

Sure, ska music isn't for everyone but after hearing that particular tune just one time I was hooked. And nearly twelve years later the Fish are back with a new album, new tunes, a new video and totally free of their major label record deal.

Of course there is the straight-up punk genre as well for you ska haters out there. My latest fave, thanks to my favorite morning show of late, has to be The Vandals. They have been around for the better part of twenty years, still have all the original members, tour regularly and they flat out make music that is fun.

See. Fun.

Of course, I have mainstream faves that even though I should be ashamed of I am not.


justacoolcat said...

I think there's a lot of good commercial music influenced by ska. E.g. No Doubt and Sublime.

More in the non commerical realm is great stuff from Manu Negra, the original manisfestation of Manu Chao.

Ska even spans genres, think Fishbone.

Do you remember the local ska band Suspect Bill?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I lived in another world musically, but I had to point out the very brief steel guitar riffs in your first video. I used to play pedal steel guitar in a band for some time, and my ears are tuned to catch the slightest bit.:)

Shari said...

Sorry, I'm not musically inclined, at least not for hard rock or punk rock. No offense. I'm almost deaf. I do have my own taste in music but I'm sure I'd be boo-ed down (Soft rock and Country). I can listen to it better. I can hear them better.