Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping the tropical theme rolling

It appears that writer/producer/director extraordinaire Judd Apatow of Superbad and Knocked Up fame is going to own the late summer months of 2008 with yet another piece of comedic genius. Sure, Pineapple Express, with its constant run of expletives and stoner pot humor isn't for anyone but this uncut R-rated trailer had me in tears. It shows that Seth Rogen definitely has it and it's refreshing to see James Franco free from the broody shackles of his Spiderman co-starring role. It's too bad that we'll have to wait almost six months to see Apatow's newest summer blockbuster.

So, after watching that trailer what are your thoughts on this flick? Is it up your alley or way too immature? Is it the 21st century's Cheech & Chong or is it pure comedic gold that has mainstream appeal?


No said...

so..I'm surprised that you haven't mentioned anything about Diablo Cody's Academy Award...what's up with that?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I went to view the trailer, but I logged in as George Bush, and they said they couldn't verify my identity. Seriously! But it sounds good!:)

People in the Sun said...

I want to fall asleep and wake up when this movie is out.

Looks great. Like a Judd Apatow movie, but with a plot! And car chases!

And I'm glad James Franco made some cash with the Spiderman movies, but it's about time he returned to his Freaks and Geeks form.

Sornie said...

Exactly! It's a mashup or comedy and action and like any other Apatow flick, it seems to have an excess of adult humor and adult language. Plays well to my inner 13 year-old.