Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It was a raucous caucus

Politics. It's something I haven't been even remotely immersed in since the 2004 presidential election. Look back in the archives here, it's practically ridiculous how passionate I was. While too much of anything is not good I have to state that 2004 was only the second presidential election I was able to vote in and after seeing the events of the preceding four years I was passionate about the need for change. It's unfortunate that the alternative to staying the current course the last go-round was a dry white guy who was nothing short of just another millionaire. However cliched it was to back him, he was actually better than the incumbent and I supported him fully.

2008's election cycle is far different. This year the alternative to the republican party's standard (and presidents of the past in general) white guy in a suit is true change. For the first time in history the U.S.A. has a chance to show that we as a country are truly progressive. There is a chance for true change. The Democrat party has the chance to nominate either a woman or a black man to run against a white guy in a suit for president of the United States.

I will be upfront and admit that I am utterly disgusted with the potential alone of how ugly this year's campaign could be. Scratch that, it will be ugly. I can already see the dirt that the Republican nominee will throw at the Democratic nominee. It will be even uglier because they will obviously have race or sex to use in addition to the rest of their bag of dirty tricks.

All speculation aside, Minnesota was in a unique position today. Even as a caucus state, we were in the national spotlight due to our 2008 caucus taking place on Super Tuesday. We saw campaign visits from Obama, Clinton and Ron Paul in recent days while the three front-running Republicans seem to have overlooked the northstar state. To me that sends a clear message of how little importance the Republican party placed on Minnesota. Sure, they are all after votes and have instead focused on New York and California but the Republican candidates have all but ignored my home state. Have the come to the realization that Minnesota has turned firmly towards the Democrats?

No matter the eventual outcome, the tremendous turnout shows that Minnesota as well as the rest of the country is hungry for change and passionate about it to boot. So who are you backing in this early month? No idea yet, that's fine too. Have you participated or will you participate in your state's caucus or primary? What's the biggest issue our country is facing?


Balou said...

"Biggest Issue" will be different for each person. For me, it's the economy. It's on a quick downslide and that will need to be first and foremost on whomever takes office.

I also am against socialized health care so I wish they'd get off that bandwagon. So many rave about how good Canada has it. Ask a Canadian how good their health care is. Every single Canadian I've talked to on this hates their system and would rather cross the border to the US and pay out of their own pocket for healthcare.

C-dell said...

You are right the dems can only nominate a Woman or a Black man, and once they choose the race is going to get dirty.