Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane, I don't want to fly again

Air travel. It's one of those modern marvels. It seems like only yesterday a Alexander Graham Bell put aside his attempts to invent the cotton gin and instead focused his efforts on a flying machine. It's hard to believe that the first flight happened so many years ago (was it really way back in 1945?) on the shores of the Mississippi River within sight of the famed Eiffel Tower in St. Louis, Missouri.

Well, the times have sure changed in those 60-plus years. We've just recently seen the invention of the iPod and then came the laptop computer. Whoa. My head is spinning just thinking about it.

The most amazing invention, though, had to be the jet airplane. Think about 80 years ago as this great country of ours was founded. We had just broken free of the oppressive Spanish rule and were instantly looking forward. Then came that triumphant day 63 years ago. Flight.

Times have changed, though. Nowadays it seems the agenda of the remaining airline conglomerates to takes us from point A to point B but never truly arriving at our ultimate destination. They always seem to get us to our destination without incident but getting home -- not so easy.

All told, we spent relatively little time in the air traveling to Hawaii. See, the handy little map tells the story.

Getting home, though, flat out sucked. United Airways just made the list. Delays are expected because frankly they have us by the fucking balls (or other genitalia) once we are inside these concrete, government-controlled islands of mindlessness.

Maybe it's the fact that you can't leave without having to re-enter the insane security lines staffed by people best described as pricks (ahem, Phoenix -- yes, security between their disconnected terminals).

This experience managed to sour the tail end of our vacation experience but at least I still have the photos.

Am I alone in getting screwed (not inthe Larry Craig sense) in my air travel experiences? Spew forth with your travel horror stories.


Beth said...

I'm one of those people who had booked a ticket well in advance but at the gate was told the plane was full - no seat for me.
I cried - quietly and discreetly. It worked.
(Female + tears can be advantageous.)

betmo said...

it is funny isn't it- how getting there is usually never a hassle but the return trip sucks the big kahuna? without fail- every time we have to fly through philadephia airport- we have a hassle. our flights get canceled so we have to wait for the next one. one time we actually rented a car with 4 other people and drove the 3 hours or so back to our 'destination'. us air and philthy airport- lethal combo.

Hammer said...

Flying just plain sucks but I guess it beats a covered wagon.

buffalodickdy said...

If it's less than 1000 miles, I'll drive!