Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On being a misfit (of sorts)

Many of my friends would describe me as being unique, different or even weird. I don't know whether it's my own personal style that they find interesting/weird or the fact that I am, by nature, out of the mainstream.

Sure, plenty of folks own a computer, the latest surveys have that percentage pegged at 89% of American households being in possession of a computer but I am not a PC guy. I despise the beige towers of days past and prefer the Mac. That probably has something to do with my graphic design and photography work. Macs just work better but that comes at a price -- literally -- they cost more too. (And I am drooling over all the new Mac stuff announced Tuesday...)

Music tastes are another thing. While everyone was still mourning the slow death of grunge in the early/mid 90s, I had never liked it and instead moved on to Weezer and, as I've described earlier, a wealth of music described as "alternative". I'd rather listen to a plethora of music from a variety of sources that tune in to the local Top 40 radio staton and be fed a repetitive playlist of the same 15 "artists" on a 90 minute loop.

Then there is my style of dress. Sure, lately I've been sporting a fauxhawk from time to time (alright, almost every day since before Halloween), haven't drug a comb through my locks since sometime in the last century and while I don't shop at thrift shops, my style says I don't exactly conform to what society as a whole would expect but I do dress appropriately for what is expected of an up-and-coming twenty-something designer who stays on the cutting edge of design trends but feels that a tie would severly stifle one's creativity.

With all that out of the way, what trends do you follow and what trends do you go against the grain of?


Brendan said...

I tend to buck the trend a lot, especially when "everyone" agrees on the latest cool new thing. In music, I have always disliked Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello, and Bruce Springsteen, for example, partly because everyone told me I "had to" like them.

In a different way, I've retained my love for certain genres that were once popular and now aren't. I still listen all the time to some blues-based rock bands like early Allman Brothers, early ZZ Top, and everything by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Ditto some of the grunge greats, like Soundgarden and STP (Pearl Jam did not last), and the early work of other great '90s bands like Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I've never seen why hip-hop in general was worth the attention it gets, although I did like some of the political stuff; e.g., Public Enemy.

I buck as hard as I can against recent popular TV tastes. I'll bore anyone, anywhere, anytime, with my rants against "reality" shows and the "news," for example. My dislike for pro football has mirrored its growth in popularity, for another.

In the area of fashion: I never bought into long sideburns or goatees (aka, Fu Boychus). I refused to buy bell-bottoms when those horrors came back. I hate little black rectangular eyeglasses. When I was in college, I was one of two males with a pierced ear; nowadays, I refuse to get another hole. I'll go along with fashions in formal wear, but I long for the return of skinny ties and three-piece suits (not necessarily at the same time).

I was loathed George W. Bush. That's the one I'm proudest of.

Leah said...

You say the Fauxhawk is a new trend, but I vote it's just the comb-over reinvented. Just comb up instead of over.... he,he,he.