Friday, January 04, 2008

My '08 laundry list

Each year people make boring as hell resolutions which they are unable to stick to for even a week. Mine aren't so much short-term goals but likely to take the entire year to work towards. Keep in mind that I thrive on chaos and this 'list' isn't exactly in any order but just how things have popped in to my head...

1. Be Inspired
Holy crap that's a vague one but as a creative pro my mind strains to come up with that next idea that's going to be huge or that next design that will bring home some sort of award to add to my wall. I add another in a few weeks but just one is never enough, my inspiration will definitely bring me more.

2. Debt
We've been working on the homestead for a few weeks on the bathroom remodel. It's rare that anyone can do a remodeling job without taking on some debt. We are no different. We also took a hit planning a vacation and buying a mid-level camera for business/personal use. Along with all of those items came debt. It's debt that can be overcome but I hate debt of any sort and I wholly plan on eliminating the debt from these three items by year's end. Boring, but necessary.
3. Income
I am pushing the missus to make employment changes. Her current job has served us well. It literally fell in to her lap when she needed a job and it's provided her with a great wealth of managerial knowledge but starting at the top doesn't exactly give you much in the way of places to climb to. Whether that means adding a refresher course to her BFA to get into her chosen field or heading down a new path is her choice but I am going to be known as "The Motivator" this year and nobody slips through the cracks on my watch.

Of course I am not going to be all drill sargeant this year and just stand on the sidelines. I plan on tackling additional ventures this year to rake in a few extra bucks. Freelancing in my profession is cutthroat and all-too-common but I am competitive as well. A guy can try!

4. Consistency
I'll post here four times each week, write my TV column twice monthly and come back from vacation with hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos which I will trickle into my Flickr account. And Fridays mean music, so get the hell used to it.

5. Fitness
I made it a goal when I set my summertime goals last May and while I didn't completely fail at getting into better shape, I didn't exactly run in the Twin Cities marathon either. I will do better this year. No more staying inside during nice weather because someone else is "bored" with going outside. The lack of new TV due to the writer's strike has shown me that TV is a damn waste of time and I'm not getting any younger.

6. Involvement
It's an election year. Blah, blah, blah. Sure, it might be a tad less exciting that laser tag but it is important. Politics, however mundane to lookers-on, play a huge role in our lives. I am already reading the answers given and stances taken by the 2008 presidential contenders and might, from time to time, point you in the direction of some of the more interesting ones this year. Don't just vote, vote informed.

There y'all have it. My goals for 2008. Will I achieve them? Read every day to find out!


C-dell said...

this is a good list.

Beth said...

These sound doable - and I'll keep tabs on you but feel no pressure from me. I didn't even make a list.

justacoolcat said...

Inspiration is exhausting, but with some persistence it tends to help achieve consistency. Tough list; I like it.

snowelf said...

Well, from the sounds of it, it might be a good thing you didn't run in the twin cities marathon!! :P

The debt one is on my list too...

Awesome list Sornie, kick it's ass. :)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't make resolutions. I figure I have all year to hate myself: why rush it?:)

Your goals are realistic. Debt...we're about to close on our house, so we may not be able to clean that up in a year.:) Exercise.....I hate treadmills! I'll run around outside all day long until I drop, but the idea of standing in one place going nowhere just drives me nuts!

But, if I'm to regain my glorious physical stature [sic] from the chemo, it's to the exercise center I go, and I'm doing a good job of staying with it, if I may say so!:) I do admire a go getter. Sic' 'em Cowboy:)

marky said...

goals schmoals