Monday, January 14, 2008

MTV officially dead to me

Sure, MTV has been dying a slow and painful death for well over a decade after they have systematically removed the 'M' portion of their content from their own little contrived corner of the cable airwaves but even after numerous statements by me that they are dead has lead to this -- they are officially dead to me.

At first, I thought it was just a Christmas thru New Year's programming move to push aside the last remaining block of music videos on the channel in favor of more of their lowest common denominator type of 'reality' lifestyle 'entertainment' programming geared at what I assume to be the most vapid sector of the 15 year-old population in the United States. I quickly came to the realization after checking the channel while I ate breakfast the past few mornings during the 7 AM hour that this may not be just a temporary decision. The first full work week for Americans during the new year still has MTV running repeats of 'The Hills', 'Rob & Big', 'Return to Fat Camp: The Movie' and other contrived shit that wasn't worthy of more than the two seconds it took my TV to display the programming information from MTV (Although today there were music videos again -- make a damn decision).

How, then, do they expect to be even mildly relevant when (if?) they televise their decreasingly important Video Music Awards in September if they have axed the final remaining block of music videos from their airwaves? With this move, they have (I think) just one hour daily focused on music and that program, the dreadfully outdated and meaningless 'TRL' which only plays shortened segments of the most popular music videos as voted/texted by A.D.D.-addled 14 year-olds who have very little in the good taste department to offer to the rest of society.

So, with one small programming move MTV has managed to become just another channel on my TV. A channel that has no cultural relevance with their endless regurgitations of 'America's Next Top Model' repeats and true-to-life scripted escapades of valley girls captured in reality TV-style which, for some damned reason, sells on DVD and garners at least saleable ratings.

I guess I have grown out of the MTV age demographic. Hell, I don't think I was ever in it.


Jeff said...

Good point. I remember clearly when MTV was the go-to channel for the latest, hottest and coolest videos. I don't know why they can't have a pure music video channel that simply plays nothing but videos. It's not like there's not a gazillion of them out there.

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. So MTV was alive to you at some point in the near past? I haven't watched it in years, largely for the same reason. I used to watch it constantly.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Wow... I have nothing to do with programing but I do work on the "Rob and Big" show. Hopefully that's the one show you really like. I also miss the music videos. Part of the problem is that musicians don't put a lot of money into the videos anymore (if they make one at all) - whatever they spend on them comes right out of their profits. The music industry is pinching pennies everywhere they can - with music downloads and "ripping" they just don't make that much money.