Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting some on the side

It's nothing new for band members to take a break from their bread and butter day jobs and throw together a one-off side project which they may or may not take seriously. Some musicians do this for the love of the music and some parlay these ventures into some legit success. Whatever the case may be, I've stumbled across what may or may not be a Green Day side project entitled "Foxboro Hot Tubs".

Sure, naming a band after a piece of recreational bathing/relaxation equipment may seem odd but we are, after all, talking about the band who sometimes sang the praises of masturbation in their early years. The difference this time out is that the lyrics contained in "Foxboro Hot Tubs" tunes have a certain amount of religious mentions which led fans to question just who the members of "Foxboro Hot Tubs" were.

Similarities in style, vocal stylings and the religious iconography led listeners to make the connection between Green Day and the newly-formed Foxboro Hot Tubs.

Of course, though, side projects are nothing new.

During their heyday, Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge took a vacation and formed the mildly successful Box Car Racer. Some fans even speculate that this initial side project led to the demise of Blink. At that same time, Blink's drummer went on to join up with Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong to form The Transplants. Rancid has since broken up with Blink drummer (and former Transplants drummer) Travis Barker partnering with former Blink bassist Mark Hoppus to form (+44) and Rancid'sTim Armstrong has broken out with a reggae-tinged solo album that isn't half bad.

Some people would argue that one of the hardest working rockers, Maynard James Keenan (lead singer of rock band Tool) is the one to watch. He parlayed one side project, A Perfect Circle, into some serious commercial success and is now hard at work with another side project entitled Puscifer. I particularly like Puscifer's first single, "Queen B", because it is gloriously filthy and features a growling Keenan describing his love of saddle bags. It's hard to believe that htis is the same guy who is starting a winery in the Arizona dessert.

Not all rockers are self-important druggies. These guys I am talking about are serious musicians and businessmen who take things seriously but also know how to have fun with their careers and their music. All of them, regardless of their current status, are worth a listen.


T. said...

does this mean transplants is over? i loved those guys. great workout music too.

Sornie said...

The Transplants are as dead as the turkey in my freezer. Barker has moved on and Armstrong is solo but I think I remember him (Armstrong) saying that Rancid is still a possibility.

Michelle Ann said...

I'm starting to feel old...I am still recovering from the spinoff bands from Duran Duran.

Whiskeymarie said...

Billie Joe of Green Day regularly shops at Lunds in St. Paul's Highland Park, if you are interested in trivia of that sort. He married a St. Paul girl and is in town quite a bit. A friend of mine has "run into" him there three times in the past few months.
That's all I have to offer to the conversation...

Jay said...

I'm all in favour of more good music, and more groupie opportunities.

Sornie said...

Wait a minute -- Duran Duran had spinoff bands?

It would mean alot more to me if Billie Joe Armstrong had married a girl from the west side of the cities but knowing that he married into St. Paul makes me like Green Day that much more.

And Jay, is there something you'd like to share with us? Possibly some groupie stories?