Tuesday, January 08, 2008

America continues to sink

Sometimes the strength, or in this case the lack of strength, of a country can be solely based on one small item.

Yes, that's right. Sunday night's premiere of "American Gladiators" was not only the most watched program of that particular evening but also the highest-rated premiere of a series on NBC during the 2007-08 television season thus far.

Yes, Americans are that damn stupid.

I fail to see the entertainment value in watching a bunch of jacked-up wanna-bes and has-beens pummel each other with various specially-made items in the gladiator ball or the gladiator cube or even the gladiator sphere. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, if this is what passes as entertainment in a world without television and screen writers, we should all hit our knees because the need for quality entertainment, while miniscule in the grand scheme of things, is a need none the less.

If you do, however, have the stomach to turn on a TV tonight, you'll hear alot about the New Hampshire presidential primaries. Pay attention to what the candidates are saying as well as what they aren't saying. As much as politics grates against my nerves at times, the future of our country is truly in the hands of voters. 2008 is an opportunity to truly make a change and there is an opportunity to make history with who is ultimately elected in November. Pay attention so that when your respective turn in the primaries or caucuses comes, or should you choose to wait, the general election this November; you can make an informed choice based on positions and facts.

And if you can't stomach the ultra-early election news, Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" returns tonight at 9 PM EST for its fourth season. Hey, it's ALOT better than watching the gladiators (one of whom is a former gay porn star...)


Hammer said...

I would like to see the candidates face off on American gladiator.

They don't hardly say anything in their speeches anyway..

Jay said...

I don't normally watch much reality TV, or any, come to think of it, but if that show's back on, sign me up! I have very fond memories. And as long as this writer's strike still looms, what else is there?

Michelle Ann said...

It my firm belief that the WGA strike has brought on the Apocalypse...the little known but first sign of such is the ratings win of American Gladiators...

justacoolcat said...

I hear it makes a great drinking game if you base it off of things the Hulk says.

Countess B said...

An even scarier thought...my DH DVr'd it for the entire season.

Yeah for me!!! Looks like I'll get more reading done this season than I thought.

Jeff T said...

My friends and I actually gathered to watch this show debut. We knew it would be horrible and we were right, yet we enjoyed the experience because it gave us a topic that we could all sit and blast with criticism for a few hours. There's something to be said about things that are so pathetic (Britney Spears, the McRib, Snakes on a Plane) that you take the time to pay attention to them just to feel better about yourself.

Anyway- thanks for posting on my blog, justaddhotsauce.blogspot.com recently. I have added your site to my "Worth the Visit" links.