Monday, January 28, 2008

$1,200 will do little for Minnesotans

"It's too little too late," said William Schroyer, a tree trimmer for the city of Minneapolis. "The ideas that consumers can spend our way out of this is ridiculous." via
At least I'm not alone here. The simple fact that the president thinks that further indebting our country will dig the country out of this fear-induced recession is utter garbage. The fact that he is unwilling to work with his democrat counterparts to add other stimulus items to this borrowing from China is nothing short of stubborn pig-headedness.

Uncontrolled and blind spending is the very reason our country may be (is) facing a recession and, unlike previous recessions, this one is getting tons of media coverage because even with media being weaker as a whole than previous times, the blogger community has the power in sheer numbers alone to hype any situation.

I will not look a gift horse in the mouth because the thought that the man is going to fork over $1,200 to our household is fabulous but it isn't going to allow me to run out to Burnsville Center and snap up a thousand bucks in clothes. I, like so many others, have actual bills that are a struggle to pay each month. The biggest ones, like most others, are credit cards and medical costs. With our nation's medical care and medical insurance systems chronically broken, those are the items that need immediate attention. Among other things, the rollercoaster ride in Twin Cities housing prices and skyrocketing property taxes in Minnesota that do nothing to fund a failing transportation infrastructure.

A fist full of cash is nice but think ahead -- it just adds to our nation's $6 trillion-plus in debt and it's nothing more than a bandage on a severed limb.


Hill said...

Utter garbage.

With the price of gasoline over $3/gal now, won't take long to go through the $1200 simply to cover that cost.


Hey, if you're so inclined, stop by my place tonight. We're gonna be live blogging Dubya The Asshole's last SOTU.



PunditMom said...

These things never work -- they just want to buy time until the economy turns itself around and they can pretend this was part of the fix.

Jeff said...

I wrote about the exact same thing today. It looks like we're on the same unfortunate page.

Michelle Ann said...

I agree. It makes as much sense as the economic theory that many follow...I only have $500.00 to my name, let's go to the casino so I can increase my funds by hitting the jackpot.

Yeah right, that's gonna happen

Better yet, let's take my $600.00 and apply it to the credit debt I incurred Christmas 2006.