Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You can call me Beavis

I'm not going to pretend to know jack about Canada but what I have learned through these past tw, th, teen years on earth is that their holidays are seriously fucked up.

Take, for instance, Boxing Day. It's the day after Christmas in Canada and this year it falls on Wednesday which us uppity Americans lovingly refer to as "Hump Day". Having uttered the phrase "Hump Day" (see, there it is again) I'll ask you to kindly stifle your damned third grade sense of humor and consider what "Hump Day" truly means. It's the middle of the week which means that at noon (which has already passed in my particular time zone) the work week was precisely half completed (and I'm counting this work week as af ull one even though I work 3.5 days but enough with the minutiae).

After that explanation, please again take out your third grade sense of humor and consider the coincidences of Boxing Day and Hump Day being on the very same day. Factor in what they are doing in this Canadian town pictured below.

Will there be plenty of humping of boxes in Beaver Cove today? Huh, huh, beaver...


Tanya Kristine said...

hump day in beaver cove.

no wonder you guys drink.

Jeff said...

Looks like you've got all bases covered with this. But I'm much too mature to be amused.

Except for the fact that you said "hump"! heh

Slick said...

I still don't know why they read their temperature in Celsius.

And please, I don't even have a clue what street Canada is on!!

Beth said...

You have such a way with words - such an active imagination.

As a Canadian I should be insulted - but I'm not. You are amusing.

BTW, we SHOP on Boxing Day (big sales) but it's actually a day to give to the poor and less fortunate. Something got screwed up as to the meaning of Boxing day...