Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Christmas goal

Even though funds are tight during the month preceding Christmas for us, I have a true goal that isn't self-serving.

My two oldest nephews are victims of circumstance. Their parents work hard and do their best. They, like too many others, haven't had the best of luck financially speaking. Sure, some choices made weren't the best but who among us hasn't done that at some time?

Now some people have heard me say that these two boys are the spawns of Satan but I always say comments like that with a kind heart. These kids are alright in my book. Sure, they are loud and have a hard time listening -- especially when it's their bedtime on the rare occasion when they are at our house but I can have my peace when they go home.

The talk, though, among their parents is that they are giving up a portion of their own Christmas for these boys. A selfless act if there ever was one. I know that I haven't thought much about Christmas myself in the way of gifts for others and to an even lesser extent for myself. I have what I need to get by. Our house is relatively warm, we are gainfully employed and we are getting by.

The oldest of the two boys, though, is approaching that age where he can start to make sense of the happenings around him. He can sense when mom is sad or when dad is upset. He doesn't directly relate events to these emotions but he is at that age when memories start to stick.

That's why a memorable Christmas is in order. It may not be in the form of tons of gifts that will be forgotten by the time the new year rolls around but there is a way. I promise to take tons of photos as they rip open the gifts they receive. These photos will mark another milestone for these two kids. I will do my part to diffuse any family bickering on Christmas day because despite the feelings among the large extended family, there is mutual love that needs to be at the forefront on Christmas and that can hopefully carry over to the days and weeks that follow.


Beth said...

OMG, you are the best EVER!!!!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

If the world had a few million more like you, I suspect there would be much less discord!

Take a well deserved bow!

Karlo said...


Countess B said...

Memories are what truly matter. I don't know how old the kids are, but maybe you could let them take a few pics, and then develop/print them for them to keep. "This is the picture I took with uncle back when I was 7" or whatever.

Your gift will have the most meaning to them.

Good job!

Sornie said...

Thanks guys, in lieu of presents for anyone, it will be photos depicting memories. Plus those are alot cheaper.