Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get your 80s on

In my younger days, I passed on certain trends. Sure, I was all about lame-ass slap bracelets and rolling/pinning my jeans but there were some trends that even as a "tween" I deemed too lame to partake in.

Now I have a second chance.

A Minnesota entrepreneur (we'll see if that title sticks) has bought the Zubaz name and seems determined to bring the nearly twenty year old mistake back from the grave as Jason DeRusha reported last night.

I have to wonder if Zubaz can overcome the stigma which is attached to them. Maybe I am alone here but I tend to associate Zubaz with sweatpants. Maybe a sort of designer sweatpants for the chic but still lazy, beer-gut laden individuals which dot the landscape. Can the venerable Zubaz overcome this stigma? Will you rush out and plop down the 30 bucks for a pair of "trendy" sweats? I still have a no sweatpants rule so count me out.


Mary said...

They're good enough for Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Sornie said...

But with the recent revelation about his racist remarks, sorta pigeon-holes Zubaz wearing folks.

T. said...

Does this mean the competitor SKIDZ is going to make a comeback as well? God, I hope not. You think Will Smith wants to burn every episode of Fresh Prince where he was filmed wearing those eyesore?