Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The best and worst of TV in 2007

If you aren't totally immersed in my life, you probably don't know that I also write a periodical "column" about television and because of that I rarely mention the idiot box 'round these parts. But today I'm bending that rule all in the name of synergy and for the simple fact that I dodn't do any year-end list about television yet.

The last half of 2007 for TV professional viewers has sucked. For me, though, the Writers Guild strike has freed me from the shackles of the remote control and the amount of tasks I have done in the past month where primetime viewing would have been the norm is astounding. I don't miss TV much at all. It will make next summer easier when I seriously consider cancelling my cable all together and force us to venture -- GASP -- outdoors!

But 2007, in TV land, wasn't all bad. 2007 was the year when the sci-fi drama "Lost" revived itself. Seriously, after that poorly concepted six-episode mini-season in October/November 2006 cost the show big time. When it came back in early 2007, it was a whole new ballgame.

Of course, 2007 had its moments of complete sucktitude. American Idol. See, two words CAN be a sentence. It's everything that's wrong with TV. It's snark, douchebags in front of a microphone that have no business singing in their own shower and "judges" who have less musical experience that that damned lawn gnome urging me to travel.

Without further ado, though, my list of the best and the worst in completely random order.

1. 30 Rock
2. The Office
3. Chuck
I haven't watched much of "Chuck" but the missus does and because of that, I have begun to be sucked into this odd mish-mash of a comedy and spy thriller. It has the romance component that is a prerequisite for any show's longevity and it has the sunny locale of the L.A. area.
4. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Straight up filth is this show's strongest point. It has no redeeming value and most people, if given the choice, would run down the characters with a flaming Winnebago RV. But it's full of gut-busting humor so that cancels out the despicable behavior of the main characters that some folks with a conscience would hate. I, however, must be totally devoid of a soul because I love it all!
5. Lost
I have waited through three agonizing seasons for a resolution in just 3 more seasons. Don't let me down.
6. How I Met Your Mother
It has made it three season and it has Doogie Howser in its cast. That alone makes it a winner for me but add in the smoking hot Cobie Smulders and, BAM, gold!
7. Kid Nation
No, I'm not ashamed.

1. American Idol
2. Big Shots
3. Cavemen
4. Deal or No Deal
5. Drive
6. K-Ville


Brooke said...

I am chomping at the bit for Lost to return, it left with the best season finale ever and I just got my Season Three box set to refresh my memory.

I miss the Office, I need some fresh blood!

Sornie said...

If I had fifty bucks lying around, I'd treat myself to Lost Season 3 because I am sure there are many hidden moments that are worth a second look. That show is so addictive!

Tanya Kristine said...

I LOVE lost. i love it so much i might just rent season 1 again and watch.

i also LOVE family guy. :)

Mary said...

I too am a huge Lost fan. I Loved, loved, loved the original version of The Office on BBC w/Ricky Gervais and have never watched the American version but people love it so much I guess I should get on it.

snowelf said...

I totally agree about Lost. And I wish they would hurry up and get it back on already!! The other two shows I really love are How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. (Which I fear BBT might be a one trick pony, but we'll see)
They are some of the few shows I actually laugh at while watching.