Monday, December 03, 2007

Because the weather is always changing

Dear Weather,

This weekend you reminded us of your almighty power. Rather than continue the streak of snowless Decembers, you decided to make us Minnesotans your bitch. Oh, sure, it wasn't an 18-inch snow storm like the one you delivered in February or March of last year that caused me to actually stay home instead of venturing in to my office but even this namby-pamby little bitch of a storm caused me to stay indoors for the better part of Saturday. The exception being a mid-afternoon trek outdoors to snap some extremely chilly winter photos only to have the hopes of the cedar tree in the yard covered in white, fluffy snow dashed. That tree looked the same as it did in the middle of July -- hardly a flake caught in its thick web of branches and evergreen foliage. Weather, you have disappointed me.

Today, though, as I flew in to the office, I encountered the typical Minnesotans who drive as though they have never seen snow in their lives. People driving far under the speed limit. People scared to use their brakes. People afraid of the dry roads which seem to be the one thing MN-DOT can actually accomplish with 48 hours of work. Pansies -- the whole lot of them.

And now we are rumored to be getting another two inches of snow to welcome us to Tuesday. The weekday snow, regardless of its quantity, is always a bitch. It's a bitch because of the millions of commuters who clog the highways on any given weekday and the ineptitude that is MN-DOT. Oh, joy. Well at least my twice-yearly weather analysis is over.


snowelf said...

ROFL!! This is SO true! SO true!
I didn't have class today and I'm incredibly glad because I didn't have to deal with the "I don't remember how to drive on this white stuff" drivers this morning. :)

Good luck with the commute home.


John Good said...

Thanks for "taking one" for the rest of us "mid-westerners". . .;)

We got maybe a 30 minute sleet storm and slick roads for one night.

- John in Ft.Wayne