Monday, November 26, 2007

Work as a vacation

Sometimes, after a particularly grueling weekend, working the old 9 to 5 (or, in my case, around 8 to whenever) can seem refreshing, almost like a vacation. This entire week will seem that way. Those who know me more personally than most readers here know that I have been contemplating the bathroom remodeling project since April when we bought literally a truckload of tile. As of Saturday, November 17th, it became very real that we were going to actually do the remodeling project as we gutted the bathroom down to the ramshackled studs and haggard lath that backed the plaster.

We found plenty of surprises behind those walls that had remained untouched for almost 110 years and some rather interesting approaches to construction which included studs which were nothing more that two-foot chunks of wood stacked on each other and electrical wiring which didn't actually make a complete circuit but mysteriously worked until we added the second switch for the light/fan combination which turned out to be the straw which broke the camel's back.

Friday morning, though, things started to be put back together. We started with four hours of electrical wiring. All told, I now hate the very insulation I put in my attic only two years ago because it's dusty and is a pain to move when adding more electrical wiring.

Sure, it sounds boring on the outside but I am amazed at the shear amounts of dust that come from cutting cement backer board and I can't wait for more dust from the impending drywall mudding and sanding that I'll be getting done this week so we can paint next weekend and install tile the following weekend which will allow us to get back to life as normal as possible. I know I can't wait and I have a feeling that the missus is even more eager than I am.


betmo said...

ahhh... fellow remodeler- i, too, feel the pain. we decided to oh- strip woodwork down to the wood- after 100+ years of stain, shellac and about 10 coats of paint. we are mostly done. still have 2 more doorways to do with that craptastical ornate molding- and then onward and upward to fixing the plaster and lath wall that have cracks and strange spackle patterns that weren't sanded down. then- and only then- can we paint. good luck mate. :)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Remodeling is always such a joy [sic], and I can't imagine what you're finding in a home as old as yours. We live (rent) in an old house; nearly 70 years old. This thing is an endless source of amazement!