Friday, November 02, 2007

Welcome to the "i" world

A decade ago, everything seemed to be tagged with "e". E-commerce was booming, e-mail was cool because there was far less spam and e-dating was at least a possibility.

Of course, all that fell apart when companies based on all those e-terms realized that they had no plan on how to turn a profit. Profit, as it turns out, is sort of a key item to running a business of any sort whether it be selling lemonade or selling real estate.

After all hope was lost, something happened. "I" became the next big thing but this time it came in the wake of the rebirth of a practically forgotten company.

Apple Computers had been the home of a game called "Oregon Trail" as well as..., um, well, they had Oregon Trail.

Then they started to make computers not just functional but look cool too. Looking back, those first iMacs looked like shit but I pushed for the purchase of a bunch of the strawberry colored models and eventually some kick-ass looking white models. Their powerful machines looked sleek all wrapped in metallic grey and the first time I saw a program packaged with my newest G4 at work I barely batted an eye.

I poked around and found this new iTunes and thought, "Hey, this is better than Winamp". I didn't know that a bit further down the road that Apple would start selling music online coupled with the very first iPod. Friends chided me and people shrugged at the concept of buying music online. Hell, with Napster still fresh in their minds, why would they PAY for what they had gotten for free earlier. But the iTunes music store was and still is slick. It's easy and loaded with most everything mainstream music consumers want and you can buy the good stuff and leave the filler behind.

iPods got cheaper, iTunes Music Store added more tunes and the visual marketing for the iPod became sort of a cultural phenomenon. While most people tend to tune out advertisments, I pay attention to them because it's what I do. Their TV ads for the iPod didn't just sell iPods, they turned music fans on to new bands and have made relative unknowns huge sensations.

The following three vids show just what I am talking about. They all began as music featured on iPod TV ads.

Flathead by The Fratellis

1-2-3-4 by Feist

Music is my Hot Hot Sex by CSS

So, what tunes featured in TV commercials have made you buy something and, conversely, which commercials have featured music so infectious that you HAD to have that tune?


Hammer said...

There is still tons of free music on usenet. All you need is a newsreader.

I'm too cheap to pay .99 per song

Pharmacy tech guy. said...

So how about those Vikings. Adrian Peterson rocks. So does the #1 running defense. But Tavareus Jackson needs to go bye bye.