Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Talking trash

Think about it for a minute. The huge trash hauling companies (think Waste Management) make hundreds of millions of dollars each year (don't ever doubt my research) by hauling away crap us Americans are done with. For the most part, they throw it in a glorified hole called a "landfill". After a few years or decades, when the "landfill" is full, they dig a new hole and start the process over.

This process seems to encourage folks to keep filling up their roll away garbage cans to the brim each week because trash pickup happens weekly, you are charged the same regardless of how much you are throwing away each week and receive no incentive even if you only toss out one 13 gallon bag of trash per week (ahem, me).

Then there's recycling. In my neighborhood, the trash and recycling gets picked up in one fell swoop. Even after somewhat separating the recyclables, they end up in one large container so what's my incentive for following Waste Management's ridiculous guidelines for preparing my recycling. They can tell me that they separate things all they want but I have seen the pickup process and I know what I saw.

My biggest gripe, though, goes back to the pricing of trash pickup. If you read between parentheses, you'll remember that I alluded to tossing out most weeks only a single 13 gallon bag of trash and rarely is that full. This week, my recycling bin was overflowing. Generally, we use very little and it shows in what we dispose of but we are charged the same price (based on the size of the garbage cart) as the folks down the street that haven't been able to close the lid on their trash cart for three-plus years.

I've gone as far as complaining about the price structure and even suggesting every other week pickup. Of course their reaction is that they value the feedback of their customers but they don't care one lick. The fact is, the more trash that gets thrown away, the more money they make. They even had the nuts to jack up my recycling rates -- yep, they charge me to dispose of my recyclables. Sure, they can sell the recyclables but trash is big money. Why else do you think that the majority of trash haulers are heavily invested in by the mob? (again, trust my research)

What is the reward for the Waste Managements of the world if we all reduce our trash output? They'd soon be living on the recycling business and that wouldn't last long because they aren't progressive enough to do the recycling business wisely.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Trash is big business and Americans are wasteful with no idea of how rich they are. Even the food we make is trash.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Waste Management" (don'tcha just love that term?), is a hugely profitable enterprise. Some companies refuse to pick up trash, because, get this: "There isn't enough trash on that route to make it profitable!!

Kiss my.....trash bag!!

buffalodickdy said...

There have been reported incidents of "recycling" trash haulers dumping the carefully separated trash into the general landfills....

Countess B said...

My dad is a "Sanitation Specialist".

Meaning he is the one the picks up the trash.

The good money does not flow down to the workers.

He barely makes enough to support his family.

So while I agree with hating the company, be sure to reward the people that pick up the trash.

Tips and gifts are always nice, and they, in turn, will do you favors when needed.

I will now step off my soapbox..

Beth said...

We are not charged yet for trash pick-up (other than via tax dollars) - but the extra charge is coming.
And I too separate my recycling items only to watch them thrown in the truck all together.
We're not too popular "up here" since some of our garbage is sent to Michigan. But it's a business - we pay, they collect the $$.

Hammer said...

Our electric bill is tied to the trash. If you've got the electricy turned on it doesn't matter if the house is vacant. It's still $22 per month/wheter there are no bags or 50.

justacoolcat said...

What is the reward for the Waste Managements of the world if we all reduce our trash output?

There is no Mob.

Sornie said...

If there is no mob, explain the high prices of concrete to me...