Monday, November 05, 2007


Maybe this would fit better in my work blog but when my TV habit gets fucked up, there might be hell to pay.

Honestly, it got my attention when I heard about the possibility of the TV writers guild going on strike. Even more interesting was the fact that they simply want to be compensated additionally for the new revenue streams (DVDs, online downloads...) that the TV executives and producers profit from.

Sadly, the writers went on strike at Midnight and some of my favorite shows will immediately be affected. Current and topical shows such as "The Daily Show", "The Colbert Report" and David Letterman's late night program will be first to feel the strike. To be honest, I am not going to be heartbroken if/when the primetime scripted shows vanish because I have lost a lot of interest in TV.

Some faves from last season are feeling worn. Shows like "The Office" and "30 Rock" still have their edge but "Grey's Anatomy" seems to be going through the motions and with the newbies I have been watching such as "Bionic Woman" and "Dirty Sexy Money" I won't miss them. Sure, it's free entertainment but with sloppy writing and poor production decisions such as the murder of an ancilliary character on "Prison Break" and the jailing of the main character on "My Name is Earl", maybe this strike will weed out the crap that has been passing as TV. Maybe this will make TV execs realize that, after having to fill their line-ups with reality fare, they need to work harder and take more chances with scripted series.

I can honestly say "farewell" with a big smile because Americans, as fat and lazy as plenty of us are, need a wake-up call to break us from our sedentary lifestyles and use our damned brains for once. But I will miss "Lost" because I'd be surprised to see this one make it through a lengthy strike.


Beth said...

I lived through the NHL strike, I can live through this.
They don't get it, do they? We watch because it's plunked in front of us. (Or we're plunked in front of the TV.) Take it away and we'll find something better to do.

Adam said...

it's not just tv, it's movies as well. the writer's guild is comprised of most media screenwriters.