Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November isn't too early to think about the State Fair

Sure, we haven't even hacked through the turkey and finished mopping up the gravy with various forms of food but rednecks of the great state of Minnesota can rejoice in the fact that country "artist" Brad Paisley will be serenading thousands of fans who made the drive from far-flung locales such as Elk River, Marshall and Kasson with his honkytonked tales of heartache, tractors and cheap domestic beer.

Yes, I did just throw out every stereotype of country music that I could think of but it is country music at the Minnesota State Fair so place your bets of the percentage of huge belt buckles and tight fitting Wrangler jeans. And do we really yearn for an advance schedule of State Fair performances when the mess is probably still being cleaned up from the last one? Can't we wait until after the first of the year to find out a two bit country music appearance that, even at that point, is still eight months away?


justacoolcat said...

The State Fair is the new Christmas Advertising which is the new Campaign Trail which all starts at the State Fair.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

This ole boy's been Country way before Country was ever "Cool", and no offense was taken by your summation. Why?

"so place your bets of the percentage of huge belt buckles and tight fitting Wrangler jeans."
That's not Country people. That's a bunch of dumbasses too stupid to know they're the laughing stock of both you, and I. A media creation, and they're too dumb to even know that.

Come on down here. There was a sign at our county fair: "Cursing of any kind will result in your permanent removal from the premises." We turned around and came home, so she wouldn't have to bail me out of jail.:) The "Headliner" was a Gospel singer, btw.