Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's official, everyone now has a website

It's no surprise that I'm a big fan of hobos. They are modern day gypsies but less annoying. They don't take up much space and they have what would be considered a miniscule carbon footprint. Hobos, though, are a dying breed. No, it's not because of unsanctioned hobo fights taking place in railyards across the country, it's because as American's become more technologically minded, they find it increasingly difficult to live without that constant contact that technology affords us.

Hobos, until recently, have resisted that very technology that ties us to each other with that dreaded six degrees of separation. Hell, I'll bet that even though they don't frequent movie theaters most hobos would at least associate the six degrees of separation with horrendous actor Kevin Bacon. Of course, having heard the word "bacon", the mangy hobos would begin drooling uncontrollably as bacon surpasses the flavor of dumpster scraps, but I digress.

Hobos are now enbracing technology rather than shunning it. Sure, it will add something more to do to their already busy schedules but there are questions I have about this technology and just why America's hobo population has the need for their very own website.

No, you didn't misread, I said that our valiant and proud hobo population has an official website (or two) just like the remaining 83.7% of the population.

Sure, the website isn't anything fancy and it surely isn't all Web 2.0 like those which have become the norm in the online universe but it does serve a purpose of sorts.

My questions, though, are very insightful. Just why do hobos need a website? I don't see any hobos toting a laptop around as they ride the rails. I don't see any strolling into the area Panera to take advantage of the free WiFi so they can share their hobo adventures with other hobos. I don't see any of them carrying around a Canon SureShot snapping pics of the scenery as they criss-cross America. Why? Why did someone feel the need to set up a website for and about hobos? Are they a revered sub-culture that I have overlooked? I do remember the Hobo Convention growing up being held somewhere in northern Iowa being featured on KIMT-TV news but that was about the extent of their media coverage. Have hobos gone on to do plenty of good and are worthy of online coverage? Maybe a hobo will chime in here on the comments and enlighten me. I can only hope.

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Jay said...

We're bringing hobo back!