Monday, November 12, 2007

I'll see you at the crossroads

Over my extended weekend I caught up on nearly nothing until late Saturday. I spent far too much time tending to errands which can only be accomplished by taking time off from work but those menial tasks are now complete and I am glad.

Truthfully, I was happy last night to sit down finally and catch up on some reading which has been piling up for quite some time. To get to the point, one of my favorite magazines, Rolling Stone, turned 40 years old this year and the third and final 40th anniversary issue was waiting for me.

Staying true to their roots of bridging music content with in-depth politics and news coverage, this issue covers where America is going in the coming years. Rightfully, the first lengthy interview was with Al Gore.

Sure, about 35-40% of Americans would write Gore off as a liberal wacko but, politics aside, and he did a fantastic job of pontificating on the future of America, Gore had many valid points. He managed to connect his cause of global climate change awareness to America being at a crossroads. We can either come together to correct climate change or we can continue bickering about the political aspects of it and how people of different political affiliations view this divisive issue.

I have to agree with Gore because he is grounded in the presentation of his cause. Would you rather err on the side of caution and find common ground in something we all depend on -- our planet -- or continue making the environment and the health of our planet a political issue? Would you spend money securing antiquated resources from far-flung, politically volatile areas of the world or would you rather see that same money spent within our borders to create innovative technologies and new energy sources that can bring our country back to the shining superpower status from days of yore?

What would you like to see? What is your honest opinion on climate change (and try to see it fron a non-political viewpoint)? Would you rather take our planet's health for granted or take care of its health?


Stephanie, Single and Blogging said...

Someone told me today global warming is now expected to start making major waves in about ten years? Depressing.

Countess B said...

I afraid I don't know enough about this topic to make an educated comment. I know that I don't WANT global warming, but I don't know what I can do to PREVENT global warming.