Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A SECOND October gripe

One way or another, a discussion about 3.2 beer and Minnesota's ridiculous law regarding its sale popped up in the office today.

I find it ridiculous that (after some research) this piss-water is sold at public events, grocery stores and convenience stores. This is an insult to the palettes of Minnesotans from International Falls to Lyle. It is so insulting that many-a-Minnesotan have been known to drive to the neighboring state on a Sunday (because we can only buy this piss-water on Sundays) to bring back some real beer (even if it is domestic 4% piss-water).

Sure, you could hop on over to the local sports bar and pay inflated prices but there's something special about hunkering down in the garage with some friends on a warm autumn Sunday afternoon and catching a nice beer buzz. However, if that beer buzz was brought on by old fashioned Minnesota 3.2 beer, your head will feel like the SuFuDu drumline is marching through it for about three days.

Are Minnesotans the only ones to be subjected to such an antiquated law? Is it for our own protection? Would we drink ourselves stupid and run each other up flagpoles and drown (in greater numbers than we already do) in area rivers or is it just bollocks?


Stephanie said...

We don't really have those laws. We can buy beer on Sundays, I'm pretty sure (I don't drink beer!). The only weird law we have is that we can't buy wine in the grocery stores. We have to go to a liquor store for that.

Hammer said...

I know parts of Kansas and Oklahoma are the same way. Pretty dumb.

My dad said all he could get on the army bases was 3/2 beer.

I guess that's the next best thing to no beer at all.

No said...

I was wondering where the 3.2 beer was here...I finally figured it out..they don't have any!

Brendan said...

I lived in Massachusetts for some years, during which they finally did away with their blue law regarding Sunday beer sales.

There was a funny wrinkle in the middle of this. Since the neighboring state of New Hampshire saw no need to go Puritanical on everyone's ass, there was a successful lobbying effort that resulted in permission granted to sell beer on Sundays in stores located within ten miles of the border with New Hampshire.

Finally, the ridiculousness evidenced by this made the state legislature see the light, and the restrictions were done away with, statewide.

I live in New York now, and while I appreciate that it has long permitted beer sales on Sundays, I share with Stephanie the irritation that one has to go to two different stores to buy beer and wine (or any other alcoholic product). That strikes me as less of a blue law than catering to special interests, but it's still stupid.

To your larger point about 3.2 beer at the ballpark, I can only say, amen, brother. And don't get me started about the seventh inning rule.