Monday, October 15, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

As they usually do every three months or so, the seasons they are a changing.

This can be proven by the fact that on October 7th, just over a week ago, the temperature in this part of Minnesota reached about 90 degrees. This was followed up by a week of temperatures struggling to reach 50 degrees. and clouds that would make a Seattle transplant feel like they were home.

As I am writing this, the rain is coming down at a somewhat steady pace. It's not enough to run the car's wipers full time but it's the type of rain that your mom assumes would lead to a mean case of pneumonia is you were thick headed enough to venture outside for any amount of time without a proper rain slicker. Hell, I finally bought my first zip-up sweatshirt (a fashion statement in its own right) in more than 15 years about a month ago during our first cold snap. I had become accustomed to going from short sleeves to long sleeves to long sleeves with my minimal winter jacket. Yeah, I've even retired my winter ski jacket (no, I don't ski) except for the rare occasion when I am shoveling show for hours at a time which happened exactly twice last winter.

Maybe this year's abnormally cold (or is it just normal) fall weather will lead to an actual winter. Don't get me wrong. I like a couple of good snowstorms but I also enjoy not freezing the skin off my thin bones. I enjoy not having to get a second job to pay my natural gas bill to heat this drafty, cavernous villa we call home.

And for the time being, I enjoy some autumn sunshine because all this rain does is tear the few remaining leaves off the trees leaving behind a soggy leaf carpet on my lawn that I will have to take care of in some way if it stops raining before Halloween.


Mary said...

In theory I wish we had some rain. It doesn't seem to do much of that around here any more. But there is nothing worse than cold and rain.

pinknest said...

it just started to get a little chilly here and i love the autumn weather! but yeah, only when it's sunshiney. i dread the trudging in dirty snow!!

Stephanie said...

I have a pond in my back yard. It is normally beautiful but right now it's so low, there's a mass of land in the center of it that the geese perch on. It's hideous. I WANT RAIN! It's raining today for the first time in weeks but I'm sure it won't rain after this for a while. We need it desperately. We aren't even having much of a fall, it's been so dry.

Hammer said...

I could use some cool weather. It's always frigging 95 and humid here at holloween. I feel sorry for those kids in the plastic costumes.