Thursday, October 18, 2007

The great pudding crisis

People that know me personally know that I likes me some pudding -- especially tapioca. I've eaten it straight from the cup sans spoon. I've eaten entire batches of it in the "from-the-box" form. Of course, being that I don't work at home, my pudding needs to be portable. The best choice for portable pudding is the venerable pudding cup that I grew up with. The logical choice to purchase pudding cups is where the majority of my shopping is done. Common sense would tell you that I shop at Target or Super Target for the bulk of my grocery needs.

As the pudding supply dwindled on the homefront, I wrote a note to myself reminding me to stop off at Target and re-stock the lunchbox cabinet in the kitchen. This is where things went wrong. Monday, as I enjoyed a rain-soaked day off from work, I ventured to Super Target to grab some grocery items and, of course, a gross of pudding. The grocery shopping went smooth being that I was in the store before noon and my only obstacles were trophy housewives wearing workout pants and dragging their kids around as they bought pre-packaged meals because time as housewife obviously doesn't permit cooking one actual meal per day.

My cart was half-full and my list was nearly scratched out. Curiously, though, the one item still visible on my list was pudding. At this point I would have gladly settled for plain old vanilla pudding cups of any brand. It seemed as I combed the aisles of the grocery side of the store for the second time that pudding cups had vanished. Maybe Target doesn't see the value in a delicious and healthy treat suitable for all ages. Maybe Americans don't consume pudding cups in the quantity that they once did. Maybe this means I'll have to -- gasp -- drive down the road to Super Wal-Mart and trudge through the mindless knuckle-draggers all in the name of acquiring pudding cups.

Have I missed the likely hidden stash of pudding cups at Target? Do people eat pudding cups nowadays? Am I in the minority here in my fondness of pudding cups?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"People that know me personally know that I likes me some pudding -- especially tapioca."
This is to inform you that you have just won a lifelong reader! Anybody that loves tapioca pudding simply can not be bad!:) My life is full of joy in that regard; my wife lacks the discerning taste buds necessary, to appreciate God's Chosen Nectar! Which leaves it ALL for me! I'll willingly suffer through it for her; she's a good woman!:)

Hi everyone: My name is Dan, and I'm joyously addicted to tapioca pudding!

Beth said...

No, you are not in minority. This post struck home with me. My local grocery store no longer stocks my favorite pudding (a strawberry concoction). Desperate, I tried three other stores. Nada.
Could I make it myself? No.
Now, I could make tapioca, but (sorry) I don't like it.

justacoolcat said...

I love pudding! Unfortunately, due to a freak accident as a child I cannot eat tapioca. O.K., it was more like the flu than a freak accident, but freak accident sounds better.

The Target near our house still carries pudding cups of all assortment.

Little Lamb said...

I LOVE tapioca.

buffalodickdy said...

The Target stores around here don't sell groceries, neither do the Wal-marts, but the super Wal-marts do. W. Michigan is a big consumer of puddings- oodles available in any grocery store. We eat tapioca cold or cool here, but once I had some made by a person from Boston- and they eat it warm to hot. Both ways work for me!

Countess B said...

In my local store the pudding is located both in the baking aisle, and in the dairy section. Did you check both of these? I say that if they don't have it, stand in front of Target, with a petition, to get pudding back. I'll bet you make the news!!

Sornie said...

I am just flabbergasted by the lack of pudding cups at both Target and Super Target stores out here in the burbs. I like the picketing/petition idea but I just don't have that much time. Gotta clean out the gutters at home after this week-long monsoon placed every leaf from three counties in my now full gutters.

Adam said...

i believe that the super target was discontinuing the regular pudding found on store shelves and keeping just the refridgerated kind in the dairy dept (at least this was tru at one store). i found it odd, myself.

Sornie said...

Another head-in-ass business decision from Target Corporation. Have they done a market study? Are people all about expensive refrigerated pudding cups made by, gag, Jell-O? Me thinks not.