Friday, October 05, 2007

Duluth, Radiohead and the RIAA

Just how much control does the RIAA have when it comes to enforcing what they bill as their holding of copyrights on the songs of recording artists?

Apparently, in the case of the just-finished trial in Duluth, MN of a single mom of two, the jurors feel that the 24 shared songs in question which may or may not have been located in the shared files folder of Jammie Thomas' computer were worth just shy of a quarter million dollars. I think that this is nothing more than a woman who stood up to Goliath being made an example of. For anyone but the artists themselves (who make less than a dollar in income from each CD sold), paying back a fine in the area of $250,000 will take a lifetime.

I would be interested, too, in knowing how many artists agree with the stance that the RIAA is taking in being the official music police. This is especially important being that Radiohead just released their newest CD via download only and are allowing fans to pay whatever price they see fit.

In lieu of this development, no featured songs for you this week and I suggest approximately 2.65 British Pounds for Radiohead's new collection. It comes out to $5.00 and is a handsome profit compared to what they would normally receive in the CD world.

(Okay, it's not really because of that but I'm busy with photography stuff right now)


Jay said...

That's just terrific.

I hope their moms pay a bit more.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I thought that was ridiculous! As if this woman can possibly afford to pay!

Seems like they are getting out of hand!

kev said...

ryc: I wish I had your resolve. But sadly, free coffee will likely be the death of me one day!

Slick said...

Let'em come get me!

Don't tell them I said that though

Stephanie said...

Good point. Who decides how much a so-called "theft" like that is worth?