Monday, October 29, 2007

Craigslist ad leads to murder

I go away for one weekend and this happens.

The woman (Katherine Ann Olson) was from Richfield and was meeting with someone in Savage seeking a babysitter. She found the gig on the popular Craigslist web site.

It wasn't like she was older and unaware of the stigma attached with scams and the like that run rampant online. And it isn't like the "south of the river" area where Savage lies is a "scary" or "sketchy" place. I work in the general area, lived even closer, do the bulk of my shopping in the area and frequent the Burnsville area where the young woman was found dead. Nothing about this area has ever made me feel uneasy and doing a fair amount of business via Craigslist has taught me to be wary but I have never been fearful -- just careful. When meeting with potential employers, it has always been in a coffee shop setting and I will say that when someone is shy of direct phone contact or in a hurry to start a project, it sets off an alarm with me and I tend to take my sweet time. I wouldn't treat a gig such as babysitting any differently.

The television stations have been careful in their coverage of the story. The Star-Tribune, doing their best to treat Craigslist as a shady place to advertise and do business in general did their best to connect Craigslist and crimes numerous times while the local Savage newspaper has a factual story but without the murder suspect's name. It makes me realize that no place is safe from crime but I feel safer in the Twin Cities suburbs than I do in parts of SPAMTown USA.

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Beth said...

YIKES! What the hell?! But come on....she should have known better!!!!!