Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bigfoot alive and well in Minnesota

With that short headline, any credibility I previously had is now null and void. Gone and done with. Kaput.

But this story comes from a semi-serious news source (if you can call the Duluth News-Tribune via here serious).

I am particularly fond of this story because of the quotes. The reporter must have had a hard time not smirking or even downright laughing at some of these people. Especially this one...

“For every sighting we have heard about, there’s probably 10 more that we don’t hear about,” said Olson, who will speak Monday about Northeastern Minnesota Bigfoot sightings at Lady Ocalat’s Emporium in downtown Duluth, a shop that sells “eclectic and magical” items.

The very fact that they couldn't hold the speach at a location a tad more credible already tends to make "skeptics" scoff at those who have witnessed sasquatch or those who believe the "eyewitnesses".

Of course, I am a born skeptic. I have trouble believing anything until I have seen it in person. That's why I think Wyoming's existence is a myth but that's another story for another day.

Sherman believes 300 to 400 — perhaps even 500 — Bigfoot exist in Minnesota.
Of course there would have to be a number that large to sustain a population but if there are that many, they'd be prone to wandering towards civilization which is encroaching on each and every corner of Minnesota. Heck, even bears are seen in some Twin Cities 'burbs and I'm speculating that there must be about 500 bears in Minnesota.

This summer, Hansen said he found a footprint 17 inches long, 5 inches across the heel and 8 inches across the toes in an anthill near Carey Lake east of Hibbing. He said he’s also found piles of branches and stick figures created by Bigfoot for communication. Hansen and Olsen said Bigfoot also communicate by knocking on trees.

The part about stick figures sounds like a plot line from the worst movie ever, "The Blair Witch Project". Again, I suppose if I were wandering through the northern Minnesota wilderness and felt a weird vibe and saw something I couldn't explain, I might begin to think that some creature regularly featured on The Travel Channel and The History Channel had a part in this episode of the unexplained.

Of course I doubted my wife when she said that coyotes lived in the valleys along the Minnesota River southwest of the Twin Cities. My opinion changed one night as I drove down Highway 169 and saw one standing on the shoulder of the road. Sure, this is an actual animal I am talking about but I suppose anything could be possible but I'll hold off my ruling until I am sharing a 2 lb. steak with a Sasquatch.


Beth said...

This dude really gets around. Had no idea he (they?) was in Minnesota.

Coyotes, bears and now Big Foot.

Be careful out there...

H said...

Wow, Minnesota really does have it all. Myriad lakes? Check. America's largest mall? Check. Bigfoot? Check. Remind me not to go outside alone.

choochoo said...

If I ever saw bigfoot, I wouldn't tell a soul. They'd take away my degrees and never let me practice biology again... lol

Countess B said...

I don't know why this is such a surprise. Haven't you seen the beef jerkey commercials? Hellloooo...there's a big foot in that commercial, and he's out there for everyone to see.


Sornie said...

This morning I thought I saw Sasquatch but it was just the boys from Waste Management making the rounds.

Mary said...

yeah, I'm not buying it either.