Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Best Buy, government hates poor folks

It's official, Best Buy today made the transition to digital television a reality by pulling the remaining analog television sets from its shelves.

Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion about the technical terms relating to the differences between digital and analog tuners, EDTV, HDTV, HDTV-ready and any other abbreviations I have overlooked.

Realistically speaking, the government-imposed move to all-digital television will effect very few folks as 80%* (*random percentage) receive their television signals from satellite or cable subscriptions.

The ones who will be effected are those who, like my parents, see TV as having very little value. Those who rely on rooftop antennas or, gasp, rabbit ears to watch their stories will have to either throw out their old boob tubes or buy some sort of converter box so their can dumb down the new digital signal to their dinosaur-like TV.

The poor, though, are the ones constantly getting the short end of the stick. The man is always trying to keep the poor among us down. Three-hundred bucks for a new TV or three-hundred bucks to keep your baby-daddy happy with a few cartons of Winston smokes? The choice is yours but something tells me that a compromise won't be had too easily. Momma wants to watch her stories, her baby-daddy wants to suck down a few heaters as he tunes up the rusty El Camino sitting on blocks outside the old single-wide.

The transition to digital television will tear relationships apart with decisions like these having to be made across this fine country. Will your's survive?

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Will your's survive?"
Most definitely. We've already decided that when "D"igital day comes, our analog goes in the trash, the cable man comes to unhook our cable TV. We're saying "F" it. Between the two of us, we probably watch 15 hours a week, and most of that is me watching sports. This for $60 a month, I might add.