Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And now for a dose of reality

The Minnesota Vikings are fools
Two wins thus far with seven games played and I can guarantee another 8 losses in the remaining 9 games. Their fans are fools too for thinking that the team will achieve anything beyond a third win this season. The coach, Brad Childress, needs to be fired and the media ought to be kicked in the throat for keeping hope alive. Hope is dead, not to mention overrated.

"Winning" in Iraq will not happen
To me, the true definition of winning is a clear-cut victory in which there is a celebration, usually involving some sort of parade. The only parade will be the endless vehicles of funds borrowed from China to fund a war in which we may or may not be interested in the country's (and region's) oil supply. Sure, we won World War II but the enemy was clearly defined.

The real estate market is down
Whoa. This one's a revelation. The fact remains that when lenders are giving away money to eveyone, myself included, they have lost their minds and practically deserve to be burned. Everyone seemed to think that real estate was the best way to get rich quick but what goes up must come down and when house prices are down for the past 6+ months, a quick recovery to the levels of the former glory days isn't going to happen.

Some new online-only media can actually work
Hey, I'm not above plugging something I like but The Daily Mole is good. It isn't solely a regurgitation of other stories from other media outlets but does include that facet. It doesn't have the typical reverse chronological order setup of traditional (too early?) blogs and the video weather report is top notch. (Full disclosure: If you are interested in checking it out, I can invite five users via e-mail addresses so drop a line in the comments)


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Their fans are fools too for thinking that the team will achieve anything beyond a third win this season."
Hehe:) Be thankful you're not a Detroit Pussy Cat Fan!:) 3-13 is a good year in Detroit! They're now 5-2, but the five has came against powder puffs, and the two losses have been a train wrecks.

I'd like an invite, if I may.

Thank You

bigrig said...

The last Vikings game I attended was on a Sunday afternoon in Nov. 2005, and I must have counted five or six Joey Harrington jerseys in my section (I wasn't aware that many Harrington jerseys had been sold, period).
I am probably far from being a realist as a Vikings fan. Yes, they're 2-5 and at the bottom of their division, but I enter each week knowing that it's possible (though maybe not close to plausible) that they could win out the rest of the way. Fingers crossed for 11-5!

Dorky Dad said...

Thank God for ending this post with The Daily Mole, because otherwise it would have been 100 percent depressing. As is, it's 75 percent depressing. Especially the Vikes. I don't even want to talk about them.

buffalodickdy said...

When the Vikes have lost as many games over ten years as the Lions have, I will listen to this whining a little more sympathetically! You can't "win" a war that involves groups that were fighting before you got there! Real estate went in the crapper in Michigan 2 yrs before the rest of the country tasted it...
I'm wasn't trying to play "Can you top this", but the attitude in the "Mitten" ain't so hot these days....

Mary said...

Please may I have an invite?